El Paso reissues ‘The Book of Lullabies’ and presents the island’s newborns with 900 copies

Scheduling activities April, Month of the Book in El Paso it concludes with “an original initiative full of affection, emotion and symbolism”, is indicated in a note from the City Council. The City Council will celebrate in the afternoon of this Friday the act of presentation of The Book of Lullabies: My First Hug of Words, “A compilation of streams, rhymes and popular songs that from now on will entertain the little ones of the Island in their first months of life.”

Reissued by the City Council, he adds, the work of Estrella Ortiz, Elena Revuelta and Luisa Borreguero will be included as a detail in the welcome baskets for newborns after the donation of 900 copies to the General Hospital of La Palma.

“With this gesture we want to convey to families a message of encouragement and all our affection, inviting them to share moments of happiness through the pages of a book that treasures memories and longings of our childhood, transmitted orally from generation to generation” , highlights the Mayor of El Paso, Sergio Rodríguez, thanking its authors for the great compilation work and the commitment and involvement with this endearing initiative.

“Lullabies, mime games, tongue twisters or traditional stories are still today the best way to bring children closer to the magic of language and its possibilities of making them laugh, play and develop their imagination from an early age”, They coincide in pointing out the Councilors for Culture and Education, Irinova Hernández and Teresa Hernández.


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