El Pepo will be able to go out to work in the music studio where he rehearses

The singer Ruben “El Pepo” Castineira will have job opportunities again, as determined by the Correctional Court No. 3 of Dolores.

During the hearing it was established that the musician had not cut off his security bracelet and had not incurred in any breach of the procedural rules.

In this way, El Pepo will be able to rehearse again as established by Judge Analía Peppi who, in a ruling last February, had determined that El Pepo could leave his house in Santos LugaresFebruary 3, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., to go to the aforementioned music studio, but the job opportunities had not been made effective because the lawyer Marcelo Biondi, who represents the lawsuit, had denounced that the singer had breached certain conditions of house arrest.

El Pepo’s lawyer, Alejandro Marino Cid, confirmed to ENTRELINEAS that at the hearing “it was shown that the bracelet was never cut and that there was no breach of Castiñeira. It was resolved that job opportunities are operational as of today. Cid defends the singer along with Darío de Ciervo and Miguel Ángel Pierri.

Castiñeira is on trial after, on July 20, 2019, at kilometer 8.5 of Route 63, in Dolores, the truck he was driving overturned and as a result two of his musicians died, Ignacio Abosalleh and Marcelo Carabajal. They were heading to Mar de Ajó and Villa Gesell, where he had to appear in a series of shows in bowling alleys. He was driving at high speed on a very foggy night.

In December 2019, the Justice issued the preventive detention of the musician. A month later he was benefited with house arrest by monitoring with an electronic anklet. Now you can go out to work.