El Poli El Ejido wins with cold blood

Sunday, March 19, 2023, 9:02 p.m.

With a huge dose of cold blood, David Castro gave Pvo. El Ejido three points that have their weight in gold because they serve to get out of the relegation places now that the points are more difficult to conquer. The truth is that David Cabello’s team did not have it easy because Xerez fought in the first half to, without seeing the door, put uncertainty because the goal did not enter.

Pvo. The Ejido:

Jesus Godino; Neto, Mauro dos Santos, Javi Merida, Migue Marin; Christopher (Joseph Charles, m. 61), Sato; Alberto Sources (David Castro, 82), Caio Emerson (Danylo, 82), Juanje (Mario Mendes, 68), and Juancho.



Sports Xerez:

Antonio Miguel; Marcelo, Hugo Carrillo, Alvaro, Ricky Castro; Rafa Parejo, Lolo Garrido (Cheikh, m. 52); Carri, Fran García (Baeza, m. 52), Guille Donoso (Simeone, m. 78), and David Agudo (Bello, m. 78).

  • Goals:
    1-0, m. 46: Caio Emerson. 1-1, m. 60: Guille Donoso. 2-1, m. 90: David Castro, from the penalty spot.

  • Referee:
    Miranda Bolaño, from Extremadura. He admonished Cristóbal (m. 39) and Mario Mendes (m. 78), from Pvo. El Ejido, and Hugo Carrillo (m. 70), Parejo (m. 71). He sent off the visitor Álvaro for a double warning (m. 73 and 90), from Xerez Deportivo.

  • Incidences:
    Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of the RFEF Second League Championship, held in Santo Domingo.

In the second half, Caio Emerson’s player, as soon as it started, gave life and excited the sky-blues, but Guille Donoso struck up and the game’s setting was very different. Xerez fought and had his chances, Poli also signed his, but the ball did not enter until, on the edge of the ‘razor’ to look at the precipice and jump to the mainland, Juancho entered the area, Álvaro did not want him to entered and committed a penalty only for the brave. David Castro, with great composure, displayed his patience and courage –because you have to have a lot to take a penalty ‘a la Panenka’ when an error could be crucial– to give the team from Ejido three points and, best of all, get out of the decline.


Pvo started. El Ejido with more arrivals than Xerez, David Cabello’s team aware of the importance of the three points at stake to achieve peace of mind, with Juanje shooting, in minute 7, but without putting Antonio Miguel’s work in trouble, under sticks . The insistence on getting ahead on the scoreboard led to a second chance, in the 13th minute, with a shot by Alberto Fuentes that did not find the desired destination.

Xerez Deportivo, meanwhile, dedicated themselves to waiting for their opportunity, without too much joy due to the defensive work of David Cabello’s team. This one, in attack, had a good game, ‘knocking on the door’ of the rival and deserving the goal. In minute 24, the action was signed by Juanjo Argüez, who compromised the score with a shot that, although focused, put the goalkeeper of the Jerez team in trouble.

The light blue arrivals did not materialize, nor did those of Xerez Deportivo, although when they did it was to create danger. In fact, he was able to ‘send’ the first part by going ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a Vaseline attempted by Guille Donoso, at minute 43, who beat Jesús Godino, but Neto, attentive to the action, was in charge of clearing the ball, in the Last chance created from the first part.

good start and problems

The start of the second was brilliant. Not even twenty seconds had passed when Poli El Ejido took the lead on the scoreboard in an action by Juancho that saw Caio Emerson well placed and he did the rest to, with a great shot, surprise Antonio Miguel to give peace of mind to the light blue, more involved in the game. Thus, a minute later, he signed another chance that could have meant the second goal for the team from Almeria, but Juanje’s cross shot looking for the top corner went wide by just a little.

Romerito’s team reacted, looking for Godino’s goal with some insistence before the obligation to win points and came dangerously close in a couple of actions in which Pvo. El Ejido was confident, thanks to the good work of Jesús Godino, who avoided a first attempt signed by David Agudo, in minute 58 to show off the goal from Ejido again in a shot by Carri. In 1960, the one who tried it was Guille Donoso, who was right to put the draw, beating Jesús Godino.

The party developed with more ‘tranquility’. Xerez, who had opted to dump players up, lowered ‘interest’, attacking with less presence up top, while Pvo. El Ejido lacked arrivals with which to look for the goal that would put them ahead on the scoreboard. Juancho, in minute 77, was able to find the reward with a shot that went high. The insistence of the sky-blue team gave them options in the 90th minute. Álvaro committed a penalty and David Castro, with great composure, scored the goal that gave the team from Ejido the three points, with a shot ‘a la Panenka’ that ended up sentencing the duel.