El Salvador vaccinates children over six years old against COVID | News

SAN SALVADOR (AP) – Salvadoran health authorities began the vaccination process against COVID-19 in children between the ages of six and eleven on Tuesday at a time when there is an increase in infections in the Central American nation.

President Nayib Bukele reported on this process and recalled that the vaccine is voluntary, universal and free. The children’s parents must sign their consent and accompany the minors throughout the process, for which they can go to the 162 immunization points established at the national level, to the three self-services or to the Megacenter in the new Hospital El Salvador in La capital.

Children accompanied by their parents went to the immunization point at the Megacentro on Tuesday.

“This is necessary, all children have to be vaccinated from the age of six,” Alicia Ortiz, 43, told reporters. “There is no need to be afraid because this protects us more at this time when the infected have soared.”

The Pediatric Association of El Salvador said in a statement that although it recognizes the importance of the various vaccines against COVID-19, it considers that the decision of the Ministry of Health has not been consulted with all the scientific and medical sectors of the country.

He indicated, in turn, that although there are certain safety data on vaccines in pediatric ages, there are not enough data on their efficacy, in which they disagree with the health authorities.

El Salvador, with a population of 6.7 million, has so far applied the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 3.8 million people and the second to 3.1 million. His goal is to immunize five million. So far, the Central American country has reported 99,701 infections and 3,043 deaths.

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