Elche fight against their bad cup-keeper in Murcia

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He defeated Yeclano in the 1981/1982 season.

A Cup in Murcia. A plan that appeals to anyone, but does not have to sit well. This can be witnessed by Elche, who has choked on his last trips to the neighboring Autonomous Community to play the KO tournament: five consecutive eliminations since 1984.

Against Yeclano, the ilicitanos will play their thirteenth Cup tie against a rival from Murcia next Saturday. The balance is five rankings for the next round and seven eliminations, including the last five already mentioned.

Cartagena was the first Murcian opponent to which Elche was measured in the Cup, then the Generalissimo, shortly after the end of the Civil War. In the 1940/41 season, the French Greenmen were eliminated when they lost on the return leg 2-0, after having a draw (1-1) at Altabix. At the end of that decade, the ilicitanos returned to be alighted against the same rival, in a single match, when they were thrashed (4-1).

The “vendetta” would not be effective until 1962/63, with an Elche already established in the First Division. And it cost his thing, because the two duels scheduled for the series ended with the same result: 2-2. He had to play a tiebreaker game in La Condomina for Romero, in the last moments of the clash, to give the pass to his own.

The following heats were prolific for Elche’s fate, all of them in the 1980s. In the 1980/81 season, the franjiverdes defeated Real Murcia with more suffering than initially expected after hitting their opponent at the Nou Estadi in the match of first leg (3-0), with three goals scored in just three minutes between the end of the first act and the start of the second by Kostic and Chomin, who signed a double.

In 1981/82, Elche would account for two Murcian opponents in the first rounds of the KO tournament. The first of them, the Yeclano, against whom he will repeat the confrontation almost four decades later. Then, the ilicitanos thrashed at home (0-4) after leaving the tie without sentencing at home, where they won only by the minimum. Kostic, Fali, Jorge and Merayo, with two goals, were the scorers. In the next round, Cartagena would fall with a “Maradonian” goal from Bonet in the second leg, which is still kept in the retina by the most veteran fans of Martínez Valero and who helped them win 3-1.

The biggest win

In 1984/85, the franjiverdes started the Cup against the modest Torrepacheco. It was a time, to which it is now intended to return with the new format of the competition, in which numerous clubs of lower categories participated. Elche took advantage of it to overwhelm his opponent.

After winning with authority in Murcia territory by 0-4, the franjiverdes feasted at home, winning 8-1, in what is the biggest win in favor of the club of the city of palms in its copera history. Julio Suárez, whose season was disappointing, signed a goal poker. 35 years later, this is the last time that Elche managed to eliminate a Murcian rival in the Cup.

The bad fario would start in the 1985/86 campaign against Lorca Deportiva. The ilicitanos had taken the way to another pass when winning in the first leg 3-1, after recovering to a goal at the start of the clash, but they were overcome on the return lap, falling in overtime.

Mar Menor, Murcia and Cartagena were the last Murcian executioners of Elche in the Cup. The last two were in a single game and in two extensions. The last one was especially painful, as the cartageneros forced extra time with an own goal in the discount and playing with ten men 0-2 on the scoreboard. A Yeclano on a streak will write the next chapter in this story. Will the cupbearer of Elche end in Murcia?



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