Elche plays like a great and beats Málaga 2-0 to establish themselves in promotion | Radio Elche | Present

The 10,012 viewers who went to Martinez Valero they could enjoy a great Moose CF The set of Pacheta is in a spectacular moment and was imposed with solvency Málaga. The fans, who are dedicated to their team, dismissed their team with a loud ovation after the 2-0. And the last great signing of the Club from Elche, the scorer Jonathas of Jesus, on the way to the Elche stadium.

However, Pacheta he continues to his own and insists that “we only have 11 points left to reach the 50 that ensure permanence. It is true that we are in an exciting and exciting moment, but we cannot take our feet out of the pot. Peace of mind, little by little”. To lower the euphoria is unique, and with good reason.

When the Elche coach said that magic phrase that “It is not the same to fight for promotion by illusion than by obligation”, the franjiverde environment understood that this is the way. Nothing to sell smoke, nor to construct empty phrases to deceive, confuse or delude people in vain. By the way, a very mature hobby that of Elche and that has suffered a lot. That is why he values ​​what he has so much, that is, a coach like the crown of a pine tree and a group of footballers with pride and total commitment.

Pacheta is right, you don’t have to go crazy, but this Elche emits some very good signals and is beginning to look like a winner. Pears Milla he scored 1-0 in the 28th minute after an action that he started, Nino put it for Juan Cruz who gave a precise pass for the goal of a Pears Milla that is on a roll.

And Elche’s great moment is perfectly reflected by the 2-0 in minute 78. A beautiful local combination with a magical pass from Juan Cruz who took advantage of it Dani Escriche to debut with a beautiful goal on his debut. The play was invalidated by the assistant due to a probable offside, but at the request of the WHERE the basque collegiate Sagués Oscoz granted it.

At Huesca they will be pulling their hair out. Write it down he had not scored in the entire first round with the Huesca team. Well it has been to get to Elche and it only took 6 minutes to sign a beautifully made target. As Bujadin Boskov said: “football is football.” The movements in the winter market suggest that Elche will go higher, but with caution. They left Danilo, Gonzalo Villar and Yacine Qasmi, but they have arrived Escriche, Víctor Rodríguez, Josema and Jonathas. And those of Pacheta with 39 points they will follow another week in promotion promotion.

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