Elder actor Jos Albert Garca dies at 88

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J has passed awayI dared Albert García, an actor from Elde to whom last year the City Council paid tribute with the imposition of thecity ​​logoand putting its name to Box 2 of the Castelar Theater.

Albert, despite being born in1931in the neighboring town ofMonovar, was always considered the son ofEldaand he bragged about it throughout Spain.

MayorRubén Alfarohas conveyed the City’s condolences to the family and to the world of theater, “which today suffers the loss of thisendearingactor. “The burning chapel has been installed in theroom 4 of the Elda-Petrer Funeral Homeand the funeral ceremony will take place tomorrow Wednesday at10.15 hoursin the same mortuary.

After more than60 yearsworking likeprofessional actorIn the main theater companies, José Albert García received in April 2018 the tribute of his hometown with the appointment of Box 2 of the Castelar Theater.

The proposal, started fromSeniors Classrooms, with whom the veteran actor collaborated assiduously, and was approved byunanimityfor the plenary.

The act of homage counted on the representation of the work“The strange couple”, in which the eldense also participatedTeresa Soria.



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