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A picture of two older adults in a couple of hospital beds is going around the world.

The reason? It's the ‘test’ with which The Eccleston family wants to prove that Mavis, the mother, is not a murderer and that if she attended her husband, Dennis, in an euthanasia, it was for love.

The history

In 1958, Dennis and Mavis Eccleston were married in England. They had a prosperous and happy life, and were parents of three children, two women and one man: Kevin, Joy and Lynne.

The happiness and tranquility of the Ecclestons faltered when, In 2015, Dennis was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

"He told Mavis that he intended to end his life instead of surviving his deteriorating illness," British newspaper The Sun reported.

Three years later, in 2018, the year in which the couple turned 60 together, Mavis made the decision to help Dennis "stop suffering" and held out his hand to leave this world.

The plan, however, also contemplated that she died: both would take a ‘cocktail of drugs’ and die.

In February of last year the idea was carried out. Dennis was the first to take the poison and was wrapped by his wife, who drank the same concoction and lay on an adjoining bed.

Hours later, and without knowing why, Mavis woke up. At his side was his partner, who died after 20 minutes of having the cocktail.

“When I saw the nurses around me, when I realized that I had not died, I felt very upset,” she said, in statements that The Sun picked up.

But more puzzled was the next day, when she was arrested. And much more in April 2019, when they officially accused her of murder.

Eccleston family

Dennis and Mavis Eccleston (center), along with Kevin, Joy and Lynne, their children.


Taken from https://www.facebook.com/Joy.Munns.Eccleston/

The judicial mess

The formal accusation resulted in a trial, which lasted three weeks and took place last September.

The verdict was the acquittal of Mavis, who at that time reaffirmed that she did not regret helping her husband to die.

“I wanted to be with my husband. You wouldn't let an animal suffer like Dennis was suffering. I do not regret what I did and would not change what happened ", said.

At that time, Sarah Wooton, leader of the ‘Dignity In Dying’ organization, which promotes the legalization of euthanasia, defended Mavis.

"Our law caused a dying man to end his own life in secret and threatened his devoted 60-year-old wife with life imprisonment for acting purely for love", said Wooton, the BBC reported.

They were remembered

The history of the Ecclestons made headlines again these days thanks to Joy, one of her daughters.

The woman decided to publish the last photo of her parents, one that they were taken to bed after taking the poison, to raise awareness about assisted death.

Eccleston family

Dennis and Mavis Eccleston, after taking the 'drug cocktail' that left him lifeless.

"Does our 80-year-old mother look like a murderer?" Joy said, according to The Sun, adding: “Mom was accused of murder for trying to commit suicide along with the love of her life because she couldn't see him suffer. She was willing to give the maximum sacrifice: her own life. ”

He considered that Mavis should not have been charged with murder and, in a way, agreadered the verdict of no guilt against his mother.

"The photo was never for public scrutiny, but we saw the need to share it to change the mentality of many," he closed.

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