Disappointment for all "Skyrim" fans: The successor "The Elder Scrolls 6" will probably not appear for PS4 and Xbox One. The developers themselves already plan with a new generation of consoles.

Fans of the "The Elder Scrolls" games will probably have to wait a while for a new title in the series. Even seven years after the release of "Skyrim", a follow-up in the form of "The Elder Scrolls 6" is not in sight – and that could stay that way for quite a while. As part of the Pax Australia games fair, "The Elder Scrolls Online" chief designer Matt Firor told Gamespot magazine that one release is unlikely until the next generation of consoles.

No new "Elder Scrolls" for PS4 and Xbox One

Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will not have to expect a new singleplayer title from the "Elder Scrolls" universe to appear on their consoles. Meanwhile, it is already known that both Sony and Microsoft have long been working on a new generation of consoles. When this will appear, however, is still completely unclear. Optimists start from the end of 2019, realists from 2020 and pessimists expect an even later release.

Before "The Elder Scrolls 6" should appear, however, the development studio Bethesda has a whole other iron in the fire anyway. With "Starfield" the creators of "Skyrim" and "Fallout 4" are planning a whole new RPG, which will be located in a science fiction scenario. However, only a few details about "Starfield" are known, which suggests that this release is not coming up too soon.


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