Elderly Woman Scammed Through Messenger Service: Police Warns Against Money Demands Via Chat

Hamm-Bockum-Hövel (digital daily):

A 68-year-old from Bockum-Hövel was deprived of a four-digit amount of money yesterday (June 1, 2023) with a scam via messenger service.

The woman received a text message from an unknown number in the afternoon. The sender pretended to be her daughter and asked for a four-digit sum of money to be transferred in the following chat. The daughter’s cell phone was said to be broken, which is why she called a different number. You need financial support to pay a bill. The 68-year-old transferred the required four-digit amount of money. When she had doubts, she contacted the real daughter and filed a criminal case with the police.

The Hamm police warns again in this context: Under no circumstances should you respond to money demands via messenger services. Ask the person for a voice message or call them on the original number. Talk to family and friends about the scam. If you have been the victim of fraud, report it to the police.

Source: Police Headquarters Hamm, transmission: news aktuell

(All information is based on information from the responsible police today)

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2023-06-02 11:22:41

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