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Election 2018 LIVE: Violent political battles RAGE by the US in front of the main voice

Just a day before the US elections in the US, Donald Trump pulls out all the stops.

The vote will take place at a crucial point in the President's term and will give voters the opportunity to say how well Trump is doing.

But the race for the Senate and the House of Representatives is near and on the last day of the election campaign anything could happen – especially now is former President Barack Obama in the election campaign.

Express.co.uk offers you all polls, forecasts, and news from the states on the polls. All times GMT.

Tuesday, November 6th

03:05 Update: The most tweeted candidate of the Democrats Beto O & Rourke

According to Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio, more than 14 million tweets have been sent for voting and early voting since October 1.

Democratic candidate Beto O & Rourke running against GOP Senator. Ted Cruz for the US Senate in Texas is currently the most tweeted candidate.

Ted Cruz is in third place.

1:58 pm Update: FiveThirtyEight publishes final overview of the forecasts for the house

FivefirtyEight, a site that focuses on opinion polls, has just published its final overview of forecasts for the house.

Nate Silver, co-founder and publisher of the website, believes the Democrats win the house with 86%.

Update at 12:36 pm: Donald Trump stops rally in Indiana due to a medical emergency

Donald Trump had to stop his rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Monday night after a medical emergency in the crowd, with a Trump fan in desperate need of medical help.

The US chief expressed his concerns about the safety of a rally participant as he delivered an address in Indiana, less than 24 hours before the polls for the tight US midterm elections.

Trump pointed to a person in the crowd and said, "Do we have a doctor please? Doctor, doctor in the house please, thank you.

"Okay, take your time, no problem. Take your time, doctor, please.

"Take your time, take your time."

12:00 pm Update: Donald Trump to appear at a rally in Missouri

Donald Trump is scheduled to appear at a rally in Missouri and make one last appearance on the eve of the US midterm elections.

The rally takes place at Cape Girardeau.

Outside Missouri, the US President in Indiana was another rally in which he claimed that the Democrats would bring a "demolition ball for our economy and the future of our country."

11:13 Update: US stocks rise before the elections

US equities rose on Monday as financial and healthcare companies eased.

However, Apple and other technology companies continued to decline.

It comes after a red October, where The markets have weathered the worst month in years.

Martina Bet takes over the reporting from Kate Whitfield

9.30 pm Update: Current poll and odds update

Recent polls still show that Democrats have a good chance of taking control of the house. With the polling place FiveThirtyEight, the Democrats have a chance of 87.3 percent.

However, the Senate draws a different picture and for the Democrats a worse picture.

FiveThirtyEight gives Republicans a 83.3 percent chance of retaining control of the Senate.

midterm elections

Midterm elections: Voters go to the polls on 6 November (Photo: Getty)

9 am Update: Vice President Mike Pence predicts a GOP victory in Montana

At a rally in Montana on Monday, Vice President Mike Pence said, "I'm constantly hearing about this blue wave coming our way.

But I have to tell you, I have to tell you, it somehow reminds me of today a few years ago. I mean, I stood there with a man who would become President of the United States.

"You know, that was the night he made the blue wall red, do you remember, and I felt the blue wave hit a red wall here in Montana and across America."

Update: 8:30 pm: Trump says Ohio interludes "was boring earlier," but is now the "hottest thing"

At one of his last campaign meetings, President Trump told fans in Cleveland to imagine his name was on the ticket.

He said the midterm elections were "boring.

"Now it's like the hottest thing.

"These guys do a fortune for me and you, that's right," he said, pointing to the media.

"I mean, who ever heard of split times?"

8 pm Update: It seems to be a stormy election day

A major storm system is taking shape in the center of the country and could put the northeast, midwest and south into bad weather on election day, CNN weather reports.

A low-pressure area moving through the Midwest into the Great Lakes will trigger violent storms along a trailing cold front and bring storms to parts of the South on Monday night.

The storms last until Tuesday and could mean a stormy start to Election Day for many states from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.

Rain is likely to be seen in every state east of the Mississippi River at a time when polls are open on Tuesday, though some states will undoubtedly see more storms and potentially disturbing weather than others.

Medium weather map

Half day weather map (Image: NOAA)

19:15 Update: Trump's last rally

President Trump has three campaign meetings in three states today, the last day before the parliamentary elections.

First, he leaves for Cleveland, Ohio at 2:45 pm. ET rally. He then gathers at 6 pm in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ET.

His last stop is Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Sean Hannity, presenter of Fox News, is expected to appear as a "special guest" at the 22 o'clock ET Rally.

18:45 Update: Obama: "Who we are, is on the ballot"

Former President Barack Obama has given his closing argument for the Democrats in Virginia.

Mr Obama, who had a hoarse voice as a result of an intense campaign, said: "Most importantly, the country's character is on the ballot, who we are is on the ballot.

"What kind of policy we expect is on the ballot, how we behave ourselves is public life on the ballot. How we deal with other people is on the ballot."

6pm Update: Ministry of Justice responds to Trump "Illegal Voting" Tweet

The Ministry of Justice will send staff to 35 countries in 19 states to "monitor compliance with federal voting laws."

The announcement took place after President Trump warned that "prosecutors were urged to pay close attention to illegal voting", which was heavily criticized as voter turnout for this election will be crucial

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the increased presence of authorities and said, "This year, we are using every legitimate civil and criminal instrument to protect the rights of millions of Americans who can vote freely in over 170,000 votes Districts across America.

"Likewise, fraud is not tolerated in the voting process. Fraud also destroys the integrity of the ballot. "

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions announces the increased official presence (Photo: Getty)

17:15 Update: Trump calls on people to go out and vote

Following President Trump's controversy over unsubstantiated "illegal voting" (see update at 15:50), President Trump emphasized in a teleconference with the supporters organized by his campaign the importance of voting in the midterm elections.

He said: "The elections of tomorrow are very important.

"I'm not in the vote – in a sense, I'm in the poll, whether we take that into account or not, the press sees it as a referendum on me and us as a movement.

"Many of them say it's a referendum on what we did, I do not know about it … but that's the way they'll play it.

"If we do not have a good day, they will make it like the end of the world, do not worry, if we have a good day, do not give us credit."

17:50 Update: President Trump is accused of having prevented the voters

In his latest Twitter tirade, President Donald Trump is again in hot water after being accused of misrepresenting illegal voting.

In the tweet, Trump wrote: "Law enforcement officials have been urged to pay close attention to illegal voting that may be held on Tuesday (or early morning), and anyone caught is subject to the maximum statutory penalties." Thank you! "

There is still no evidence or reports of what he is referring to, but critics have accused the president of trying to stop people from voting.

Intermediate Elections: Trump's Tweet

Midterm elections: Trump's latest tweet (Image: Twitter / Donald Trump)

14:20 Update: Companies offer employees free time to vote

Over 370 companies offer their employees a paid break, the New York Times Reports.

These include Walmart – the country's largest private employer with 1.5 million employees – Tyson Foods and Levi Strauss.

Intermediate Elections: A rally in Georgia

Intermediate Elections: A rally in Georgia where former President Barack Obama was campaigning (Picture: EPA)

6pm Update: Ten races to watch

  1. Kentucky's 6th Ward: The Leading Indicator
  2. Virginia's 7th Ward: Tea Party Vs. The Resistance
  3. New Jerseys 7th Ward: The Trump Train
  4. California's 45th Ward: Welcome to O.C.
  5. Iowa 3rd District: Obama Trump Turf
  6. The 7th district of Texas: The suburb of Swanky
  7. 6th District of Georgia: The Wave Maker
  8. Missouri Senate: A red state sect
  9. Nevada Senate: A Test of Healthcare Argumentation
  10. Governor of Florida: The Teaser 2020

To find out more about how the split times work, read our simple guide to the midterm elections Here.

15:15 Update: "We fight for the soul of America"

Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Sunday that this election was the most critical of voters during his lifetime.

"That's so important for our children. This is the most important choice you have ever attended, no matter how old or how young you are. The character of our nation is on the poll on Tuesday, "Biden said in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he struck Governor Tom Wolf and Congressional candidate George Scott.

He said, "We are fighting for the American soul.

"When hatred gets a chance to fester, it gives others permission to come out of the darkness. When this distorted worldview gets heated up online, it's spreading, ladies and gentlemen.

"And if the President of the United States of America, as he has done, gives moral equality between these dark forces and the adversaries, which fuels the fire of intolerance and legitimizes people who should never be heard.

"Our children listen and watch. And our silence is complicity. Silence is complicity. But people, we will not be silent. "

"We need to reinstate the moral compass of this nation.

"That's what's on Tuesday."

Joe Biden

Joe Biden: "We have to reset the moral compass of this nation" (Photo: Getty)

14:20 Update: Celebrities at the last minute on the turnout

In presidential elections, we would normally expect many celebrities to campaign, but this time it's different.

Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds and even Taylor Swift have encouraged their supporters to vote in the middle of the election.

It is the first time she has expressed her political views.

Kate Whitfield takes over the live coverage of Vickiie Oliphant

12:59 pm Update: Last polls

Nationwide, about 52 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump's performance.

More people say that they vote for a Democratic candidate than for a Republican in the congressional elections on Tuesday, Reuters / Ipsos opinion polls.

11.18am update: Barack Obama has accused Donald Trump of lying and "scare"

Obama has made a fierce attack on Trump's government when the campaign reached its final day today.

And he warned the Democrats not to be distracted between elections during an appearance in Indiana days before the elections.

Without using the name of President Trump, the former president warned that the Republicans "said that the only serious threat to America is a bunch of poor, impoverished, broken and hungry refugees a thousand miles away."

10.50 am Update: Joe Biden joins the campaign path

Mr Biden, campaigning in the conservative center of Pennsylvania in a rigorous congressional race, called on people to vote Democrats in tomorrow's elections.

He said, "We are in a fight for America's soul."

The former vice president added that Democrats must take the country back to reset the nation's moral compass and said, "These are the United States of America. We can take it back. "

Intermediate Elections: Donald Trump

Intermediate Elections: Donald Trump is in full force today (Picture: EPA – AFP)

Update at 9:26: The turnout in Mississippi could influence the control of the Senate

Dallas Breen, director of the Stennis Institute of Government, told Fox News that voter turnout in the meantime is crucial.

Breen said this could allow Democratic candidate Mike Espy, a candidate for the US Senate, to create cracks in the Republican stronghold of Mississippi.

"He'll win because people like me and everyone else here make people vote and vote," said veteran Eugene Horowitz.

"I think he will win because people are joining for inclusivity," Patricia Horowitz told Fox News.

9.10 am Update: Trump accuses the Democrats of sabotaging interceptions

President Donald Trump launched a devastating attack on Democrat Indiana Senator, accusing him of "stealing the election" and trying to split the republican vote.

Trump said, "There are rumors that Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana is paying Facebook ads for his so-called opponent on the Libertarian ticket.

"Donnelly is trying to steal the election? Is not that what Russia did? "


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