Texas exit polling results

Voters in Texas are relatively split about what they think the most important problem is facing the country, according to exit polls. More than one-third of voters believe that health care is the most important problem and among them, more than two-thirds vote for Democrat Beto O'Rourke.

Of the third of voters who believe that immigration is the most important problem, about three-quarters support Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Nearly a quarter of voters things the economy is the country's biggest problem, and among them, the majority voted for Mr. Cruz.

Cruz, while those who felt the economy is poorly supported O'Rourke. Cruz and the majority of people affected negatively supported O'Rourke.

Twenty-two percent of voters in Texas were voting in a midterm for the very first time. These voters leaned towards O'Rourke by 7 points, while voters favored Mr. Cruz by 6 points.

Young voters overwhelmingly supported O'Rourke, 71-29 percent. Voters 30-44 leaned towards him, 51-47. Voters over the age of 45 favored Cruz, 58-41.

College graduates split their votes evenly between the two Senate candidates, while those without a degree voted for Cruz, 53-46 percent.

O'Rourke by a nearly 2-to-1 margin: White evangelicals favored Cruz with 83 percent of their votes.

– David Jones



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