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Election in Bremen: CDU wins, Green decide – politics

  • The CDU has become the strongest force in Bremen for the first time in post-war history in a state election. She came on Sunday after a nationwide extrapolation of the electoral ladder to 25.5 percent.
  • The SPD achieved 23.6 percent, the Greens got 17.6 percent.
  • Accordingly, the FDP is at 5.3 percent, the Left at 10.1 percent and the AfD at 5.9 percent.

From Peter Burghardt, Bremen

Now wobbles the last stronghold of the SPD so hard. Did she fall? According to the first extrapolation on late Sunday evening, the SPD has lost the Bremen state election for the first time in 73 years and the CDU has won. The strongest faction in the citizenry is therefore the Union with 26.5 percent, whose lateral entrants Carsten Meyer -Heder narrowly defeated the SPD mayor Carsten Sieling with 24.5 percent. Meyer-Heder, formerly a hippie, later a successful IT entrepreneur and only one year in the Union, defeated the comrades – but who governs in the future, the Greens will have to decide. This is a luxury for the third-place finishers of this poll. And a pain.

The Greens put with 18.2 percent in a comfortable purpose mill. Should they follow the CDU election winner Meyer-Heder and try together with the FDP Jamaica? Or do you want to keep election losers Sieling and his SPD in office and try for the first time in a West German state red-red-green? After all, the left comes to 11.6 percent. These are two very contradictory possibilities, which the Greens are aware of. They also know that their decision will provide nationwide attention. On election night, top candidate Maike Schaefer keeps both options open and says her party is open to any tripartite alliance beyond the right-wing parties.

Jamaica could have become a federal government if the FDP had not gotten up. In Schleswig-Holstein, however, the Greens then casually changed into this color combination, after the SPD had lost the local state election and red-green his gossamer majority. A joint state government of the SPD, the Greens and the Left would be new in the West. The Bremen lifestyle and the greater majority would possibly fit better to center-left than to Jamaica, but just not to the presumed winner, Carsten Meyer-Heder and the CDU. A large coalition has excluded Sieling, which pleased some comrades and others not.

With SPD or CDU, the ever stronger Greens would probably agree relatively easily. The Union is even closer to them in environmental policy. Things get more difficult with the Bremen FDP (5.5 percent), their enjoyment of cars and a tendency towards social coldness – the Greens want to continue the change in traffic and social policy. In the case of the Left, it especially disturbs their propensity for new debt. But one can assume that the green base would rather be the SPD.

Bremen is heavily in debt, must save, the inconvenient fiscal rehabilitation and the relatively high unemployment, the catastrophic number of poor children, the poor record in education and the crisis of the SPD as such, the Bremen SPD hard. Carsten Sieling was not the same as Henning Scherf or Hans Koschnick and not the man who inspires voters. Sieling must now see if he wants to keep his job despite the alleged defeat. But the largest majority in Bremen would have despite this for the Bremen SPD historically bad day red-red-green.

Politics Bremen CDU lead candidate wants to lead the government

CDU lead candidate wants to lead the government

In the state election in Bremen, the CDU is in front of the SPD. CDU lead candidate Meyer-Heder wants to govern and favors a Jamaican coalition with Greens and the FDP.

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