Elections 2021, Fernando Tuesta: “The only fraud in Peru in recent decades has been that of Alberto Fujimori”

The PUCP teacher and political scientist Fernando Tuesta referred to the accusations of fraud by Keiko Fujimori and clarified that the only fraud that has occurred in the country, in recent decades, has been perpetrated by Alberto Fujimori, father of the leader of Fuerza Popular.

“The only fraud that has been in Peru in recent decades has been Alberto Fujimori in 2000: he was running for re-election with the entire State apparatus, he had bought — literally — the media and had all the factual groups, ”Tuesta said in dialogue with La República.

He noted that he understands people of good faith who have believed the fraud narrative in this year’s election, but should make a causal link. “For example, they talk about false signatures, and how does that lead you to change the votes? No serious expert person has endorsed this campaign, this successful operation to put the issue of fraud on the agenda”, He declared.

The expert on electoral issues also indicated that he does not know of any case in which the candidate or party that denounces fraud has the full support of the mainstream media and powerful groups.

Nor does he know of any example where fraud is discussed and the candidate who came in second place is given greater coverage and not the first. “Unfortunately, the media in Peru allowed anyone to say anything with some conviction,” he said.

Likewise, he compared the media in the United States with those in Peru. He said that in the North American country the press understood that they could not continue covering someone like Donald Trump “Who repeatedly lied”, while in Peru they have been allowed to lie left and right.

“In Peru he has allowed himself to be lied in the most blatant way with enormous coverage. They have been placed (those who lie) almost at the same level as those who try to make people understand that the integrity of this electoral process is not different from that of others ”, he declared.

“What has been strengthened is the extreme right”

On the other hand, the political scientist Fernando Tuesta noted that the far right has been strengthened with Rafael López Aliaga and other allied characters. In addition, he said that in the country “we are beginning to see only its beginnings.”

“Democratic parties must realize that if this is not stopped from the start, then it is more difficult. Why? Because it is normalizing ”, he continued.

He gave La Resistencia as an example, “a movement that Fuerza Popular has tried to demarcate, although all the channels link them. It is a violent group that has been growing ”, he explained. He assured that this group can continue to evolve without depending on Fujimori.

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