Elections are not possible for four months after March 30, Rana Sanaullah

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the digital census in the country will be completed on March 30, after which it will be possible only after new constituencies and four months will be required for new constituencies.

While speaking in Geo News program Capital Talk, he said that “if the elections are held according to Imran Khan, the country will become a victim of complete instability, the country will become a victim of anarchy and chaos.” There should be a census and seats should be distributed based on that. If the seats of a province increase, then increase. Accordingly, this election should be a general election in the entire country. Two assemblies then three, this should not happen.

Rana Sanaullah said, “Census will be completed by March 30. If the notification is done after the completion of the census on March 30, then according to the constitution, you cannot hold elections for the next four months. In any case, new constituencies will have to be done in these four months and elections will be held after this constituencies.’

He said that the constituencies will be divided by July 31, so elections will not be held. Elections will be held in 90 days from July 31.

“Currently the census is taking place which was approved by the cabinet headed by Imran Khan. It was decided that the next election will not take place without digital census.”

In response to a question, Rana Sana said that when did the Prime Minister say that it is my responsibility to hold elections? Conducting elections is the responsibility of the Chief Election Commissioner or Election Commission. If the census is notified, that is what the constitution says, I am saying a little.

He said that the elections are about to be held, the matter is whether two months earlier or four months ahead. We have gone to the election. I will give the same message to the workers that you should understand that you are in the election and make full preparations. Imran Khan will be minus the power of vote.