Elections – Düsseldorf – Lindner: “disastrous defeat” for the FDP – politics

Berlin (dpa) – FDP leader Christian Lindner has described his party’s poor election result in North Rhine-Westphalia as a “disastrous defeat”. “It’s a very sad evening for us,” said Lindner on Sunday in Berlin. The result is now being analyzed in the state party and the bodies of the federal party.

The focus is also on what it means to experience government responsibility with the Union in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia in quick succession, “that we lost so much to the Union in the last few meters”. He reiterated that his party had “clear convictions” and “strong nerves”.

The FDP saw projections in the evening at 5.5 percent – in the 2017 state election they had still achieved 12.6 percent. So far, the Liberals have ruled with the CDU in the most populous federal state. In the direction of the state FDP, Lindner also said: “Cheer up: Free Democrats win together, Free Democrats also lose together.”

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