Elections in Colombia: Duque denounces possible fraud abroad


Colombia . The campaign of the presidential candidate Iván Duque , of the Uribe Democratic Center, denounced before the Prosecutor’s Office a fraud in one of the polling stations outside the country.

The alleged criminal act “is related to conduct attributable to the juries” that, according to the complaint, altered the results of one of the polling stations when consigning an undetermined number of votes in favor of Duque for the option of blank suffrage , explained the campaign in a statement. The criminal complaint was filed before the Human Rights judicial office of the Prosecutor’s Office, the unit in charge of investigating electoral crimes, the information added.
With this denunciation, the campaign of Duque, favorite in all the polls, sends a warning message to the voting juries that will exercise their functions tomorrow and invites them to “faithfully reflect the will of the voters” in order to “not alter” the decision of the Colombians in this democratic process “.
Duque’s campaign did not specify in which country the presumed alteration of the electoral acts took place.
The leftist candidate Gustavo Petro, of the Colombia Humana movement and second in the polls, denounced last Sunday that a fraud in the elections is “cooking” and has questioned the security of the software that will be used for the counting of votes.
However, his campaign showed confidence today that the count will be accurate, since it will have 60,000 witnesses.
Duque participated today in a last campaign event with the Evangelical party Independent Movement of Absolute Renewal (MIRA), which joined the Uribe candidate on May 10 with the hope of winning in the first round. Source: EFE


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