He had lost Warsaw, the capital, in the first round on 21 October. Jaroslaw Kaczynski's ultra-conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS) at the head of Poland would not have succeeded in robbing a single major city of the country this Sunday in the second round of municipal elections.

In Gdansk, the large port of the Baltic, or in Krakow, in the south of the country, the candidates backed by the liberal and centrist opposition won Sunday over 64% of the votes against their rivals in the second round of elections, according to these polls published by the major television channels of the country.

Once confirmed by the Electoral Commission, this result will seal a major setback of Jaroslaw Kaczynski's party among city-dwellers. Especially since the opposition had won in the first round Lódz, Poznan, Lublin and Wroclaw.

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The PiS holds 9 of the 16 regions

In the second round, the Poles elected only the mayors of the towns and villages. But on October 21, Poles were also invited to elect regional assemblies. And at this poll, the PiS scored points. The Conservatives led in nine of the sixteen regional assemblies, with an absolute majority in six of them. In 2014, they had taken control of only one assembly.

In addition to this divide between city-dwellers and rural people, these elections have once again opposed "the East, which votes for the majority of the Conservatives and the West for the Liberals," according to Euronews.

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The Civic Coalition, made up of the two Liberal opposition parties (Civic Platform and Nowoczesna) won in seven regional assemblies, but won the majority in only one of them, and to rule in the others it will have to form a coalition either with the Peasant Party (PSL), its natural ally, or with the Social Democrat Party (SLD), or with independent committees.

The Poles will be called to the polls next year for the Europeans then the legislative elections in the autumn.


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