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Skipping the lines outside the voting centers, thus began the electoral journey on Venezuela scheduled for 6 am local time (5 am Bogotá).

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At least in Caracas, in several electoral colleges the table members did not show up, so the tables were set up after 7 am with the so-called “accidental members.”

At the “Los Riscos” College in the east of the city, Baruta municipality, the center’s coordinator, Felix González told EL TIEMPO, that for reasons of mobilization and transportation, the members had not shown up to form the four tables that make a total of 3,700 voters, but outside the center there were only about four people. “None of the members showed up, I think it will be a slow process.”

Around noon, the European Union He said that the elections were passing “quietly”, although there were some acts of violence in the state of Zulia.

For his part, the president Nicolas Maduro he said the elections “have been a success.”

The opening of the voting tables was slow in the absence of some voting juries.


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We tell you, minute by minute, how the electoral day is progressing in the neighboring country.

Chavismo sweeps the regional elections with 90.21% scrutinized

The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won in 20 of the 23 states of the country, in addition to Caracas, in the regional elections held this Sunday, with 90.21% of the votes counted. Chavismo won in all states except for Nueva Esparta, Zulia and Cojedes, although the difference is still very narrow in Táchira and Barinas, Hugo Chávez’s home state, according to data read by the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) , Pedro Calzadilla.

Voting centers close

The electoral colleges of the local and regional elections of
Venezuela closed at 6 pm local time (5 pm Bogotá) this Sunday, although citizens who were at the doors of the voting centers will be able to do so, since those where queues are registered will remain open.

The words of Nicolás Maduro

After exercising his right to vote in a school in El Fuerte militar de Fuerte Tiuna, he assured that the elections were already a success, so he invited those who had not exercised their right to vote.

Regarding international oversight, he emphasized the European Union, assuring that until now they had behaved “up to the task.”

The president blamed the United States for “stabbing” the dialogue process after “kidnapping” Alex Saab, but was nevertheless open to retaking it.

They report shooting

Around noon, two citizens wounded by firearms, Antonio Urdaneta, 38, were admitted to the Noriega Trigo hospital, who arrived dead and two wounded: Johan Montero, 19 years old, and Sonia Urdaneta, 56 years old.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Eduardo Emiro Ferrer educational unit voting center located in San Francisco, Zulia state.

Incident report

The National Electoral Council announced at noon that some “isolated” incidents were registered today.

Among these complaints, there are allegations about the presence of witnesses exclusively from the official Psuv at some points who, on occasions, are serving as members of the polling stations.

Efe also found that there were several blackouts in polling stations in the Caracas area, such as in Petare.

Part of the Electoral Mission of the European Union

The regional elections in Venezuela are taking place with “tranquility”, said this Sunday the head of the electoral mission of the European Union (EU), Isabel Santos, about the elections marked by the return to the country of observers from the bloc after 15 years of absence.

“Everything is going smoothly,” the diplomat told reporters after visiting a school in a popular area of ​​Caracas.

Call of Chavismo and the Opposition

Chavista and opposition leaders – with the exception, so far, of former congressman Juan Guaidó – made early calls this Sunday to the electorate to go to the polls to vote in the local and regional elections underway.
The heart beats strong.

“We are going to vote,” Maduro said on Twitter.

The opponent Henrique Capriles did the same. On Twitter he asked for millions of Venezuelans to express themselves through the vote.

What does the opposition say at the polls?

For Aura Hernández, a 67-year-old opponent, the biggest challenge is overcoming abstention.

“I hope that abstention decreases, we have to participate to be able to claim, if we do not participate, what do we claim?” He said from a school in the capital’s Chacao area with small lines.

But the opposition returns fractured, weakened and without unitary candidacies in most regions, and it is “foreseeable that Chavismo will sweep away,” said Pablo Quintero, political scientist and director of the LOG firm.

95% of tables installed

Around 8 in the morning (9 am Bogotá time), the CNE updated its report. By this time 95 percent of the tables were enabled for all voters.

Part of the National Electoral Council

Around 6:30 am (7:30 am in Venezuela), 75 percent of the tables were installed, according to Pedro Calzadilla, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

They open the polls

Election day officially started in Venezuela at 5 am (6 am local time in the neighboring country).

EL TIEMPO was able to corroborate that in some parts of Caracas there were no lines at the beginning of the vote.

What positions are elected in the regional elections of Venezuela?

There are 3,082 positions divided into 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 regional deputies and 2,471 councilors. 70,000 candidates are nominated.

The electoral registry is made up of 21,159,846 Venezuelans called to participate this November 21 in the regional elections. Venezuelans abroad cannot vote in regional or municipal elections because it is stipulated in the law, they can only exercise this right to vote when it comes to presidential elections, so of this number, many are abroad.


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