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Elections. The table of Europeans is becoming clearer

Blue collar, white blouses, red pens and yellow vests … this is the PCF list "For Europe people, against the Europe of money" which should inaugurate this morning the official filing of applications to the Ministry of the interior. "We are the only one to be composed of 50% of workers and employees," said his headlist, Ian Brossat, which, driven by a growing reputation, intends to give color to his party. As such, the morning will be all the more symbolic as it is the first time since 2004 that the PCF leaves with its own list in the European elections, after the failure of the Left Front and a new rally for this election. . For, in total, no less than five other lists of left (LO, FI, Place public, Génération.s, EELV) should follow suit, to the chagrin of voters skeptical face such a dispersion while the duo infernal Macron-Le Pen continues to race – largely – in mind. "I regret this dispersion, says Ian Brossat in Humanity Sunday. The Communist Party has reached out to the other political forces of the anti-austerity Left. But we did not manage the rally from above. We therefore sought to build a rally at the bottom, opening our list widely to figures of the social movement and associations, since a third of the members of our list do not have their card at the PCF. "

Several yellow vests lists could be filed

For his part, while political parties have until May 3 to file their list, Raphael Glucksmann continues to preach in the desert for a "rally" he himself torpedoed by chaining himself to the Socialist Party. "On the left, there is a mentality of bouncers of nightclub: I protect my space, as small as it is", regretted, Sunday, the head of list of Public Place, before confirming that its elected ones will sit within of the social-democratic group. "I now consider that Raphaël Glucksmann (…) provides no guarantee of clarity on what he will do," replied Benoît Hamon, adding that "we can not be anti-liberal in Paris and Liberal in Parliament European ". Suffice to say that Génération.s is not likely to rally to Place public. So will Benoît Hamon's troops join EELV in extremis? There too, it stuck. Yannick Jadot, angry with his left wing, eyeing the disappointment of Macronism by assuming a very liberal speech. For its part, insubordinate France, which was planning to turn this vote into an anti-Macron referendum, is struggling to regain a political momentum, mired in its internal scandals. Thursday, one of his most media candidates, Thomas Guénolé, under investigation at the IF for "facts that can be likened to sexual harassment", slammed the door with a vitriolic statement denouncing "Undemocratic locking" of a movement organized as "a dictatorship".

Ten days from the deadline for the filing of the lists, it is impossible to say how many lists labeled yellow vests will be filed. "The movement having stirred all the convictions, you can not ask us to make common list for the Europeans," summarizes Jean-Francois Barnaba, at the head of Yellow and citizens, estimated at around 2%. Not enough to reshuffle the cards of a vote that may replay the scenario of the second round of the presidential election in 2017. Especially as it could record a record of abstention. 56% of the French do not intend to vote on May 26th.


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