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Electric cars remain an expensive pleasure for the time being

Opel is glad that one could land a fast counterattack. After Volkswagen's marketing wave of the new electric series ID. With record runs and impressive performances so slowly rolling, also the Opelaner did not want to back up. After all, they had a very competitive electric car with the Ampera-e. Unfortunately, this was a Chevrolet Bold with flash on the front grille, and after General Motors split from Opel, the end of the electric hope was sealed. Fortunately, PSA insisted as the new Opel owner that the largely already developed Corsa pulped and in close relationship to the Peugeot 208 should be redeveloped. So it should be possible to bring the Opel Corsa not only as a gasoline engine, but also promptly as an electric version on the market.

It should be ready in the spring of next year. The 4.06-meter Opel Corsa-E is powered by an electric motor with 100 kW / 136 hp and 260 Nm of maximum torque. Maximum range: 330 kilometers. From Opel view finally an electric car that can afford all. But that the battery pack on the fast charger in half an hour to strengthen again to 80 percent, is only one side of the coin, because the price takes you just as breathless as that of a VW ID. 3. Opel wants to have at least 29,900 euros for its small car with electric drive. That's about twice as much for what a normal Opel Corsa is currently traded at the dealer. Even if the standard equipment is better and you can calculate the lush price with the 4,000 euros in environmental bonus, are 30,000 euros for a small car like the Opel Corsa, which should be no more than a second car for most, gigantic. A car that still costs 26,000 euros after deducting the electric premium, has a solid range of 330 kilometers and is regulated at 150 km / h. Since one or the other potential customer comes to ponder whether it should not rather be a combustor – 180 km / h fast and easy 600 km or more in range. Especially if one compares the chic Corsa-E at the Opel dealer against an Astra, Mokka X or Insignia at bargain prices. Opel boss Michael Lohscheller praises the electric car as favorable to: "The new Corsa is electric. We have promised a Volkselektroauto – here it is!"

The Opel Corsa-E is not a single offender, because PSA brings the Peugeot 208 almost parallel and technically identical as e-208 out. Largely the same performance data and also at a price of probably just under 30,000 euros. Even the electrified Peugeot 208 should make it in most households only as a second car. A second car, which costs about twice as much as a comparable petrol engine? No wonder that the purchase restraint continues with electric cars. For 30,000 euros you get at Opel otherwise a properly equipped Insignia as a family sedan or a well-outfitted Grand Land X. Also in Peugeot. Again, the upcoming Peugeot e-208 also competes against such successful models as the Peugeot 308, a 2008 or even the mid-size sedan of the 508, which starts at just under € 32,000 and acts against the electric 208 like a luxury sedan.

At Volkswagen it does not look better. The VW ID. 3 is barely larger than the Opel Corsa, looks visually admittedly visionary and is skilfully sold out of Wolfsburg as the start of a new era. The performance data are slightly more impressive with 150 to 204 hp than the Opel Corsa-E or the Peugeot e-208. "The price segment is demanding," affirms VW Development Board member Dr. Ing. Frank Welsch, "but we want to bring the ID to the market for the price of a comparably equipped Golf Diesel, and there will be several battery packs that will allow for a range of at least 330 kilometers after the WLTP cycle." Also the VW ID. 3 starts under 30,000 euros; at least with the small battery pack, which also allows him to drive up to 330 kilometers without a charge. For about 30,000 euros, there are already successful SUV models as the entry Wolfsburg as SUV models such as the Tiguan or T-Roc, well above the ID. 3 are positioned. Of the dimensions, the electric VW ID is arranged. 3 rather between polo and golf, but starting between 15,000 and about 21,000 euros. And also the VW ID. 3 is likely to find its customers in the secondary garages. 30,000 euros for many a price that is beyond all scope.

Incidentally, this does not look different with regard to the leasing costs. Here Opel starts with his Corsa-E, for example, at 299 euros a month. Traders currently offer the current Corsa from 109 euros; the Astra from 149 euros – exactly half of the electropreises. Nevertheless, the pre-reservations for the new electric models as Volkswagen sold as a success. VW Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann: "The positive response shows us that many customers are ready for e-mobility.Who now wants to be among the first who drive an ID.3, should not wait too long to register Number of pre-bookers continues to increase rapidly. "

The high prices make even with brands such as BMW, Tesla, Nissan, Audi, Mercedes or Renault, the transition to the electric age difficult. The BMW i3, one of the pioneers in the field of current electric models costs at least 38,000 euros; with appropriate equipment, it is quickly 45,000 euros or more. At the same price, the brand new BMW 3 Series is already available without appreciable range limitation. The situation is similar with the Nissan Leaf. The second generation is significantly older, drives better and also manages about 400 kilometers without a plug. But 36,800 euros for a compact class model is a more than tight price, for which one gets in the house Nissan otherwise models such as the seven -seat middle-class SUV X-Trail in top configuration with 163 hp. The Nissan Micra, hardly smaller than the electric leaf, starts with the small 71-horsepower gasoline even at 11,990 euros and costs well-equipped with a 117-horsepower gasoline engine no 20,000 euros. Smart can pay for his electric Fortwo EQ with at least 21,940 euros, while the expiring burners with comparable performance data starts at 11,165 euros.

The Renault Zoe is still the best-selling electric car in Europe. Here it looks already price different, because the 316 kilometer range cost in the basic package in itself fair 21,900 euros. However, Renault can pay the rent monthly with another 69 euros. The Tesla Model 3 starts with poor equipment and short range at 44,500 euros; Accordingly, 54,800 to 64,600 euros are quickly being made out of it. After all, the Model 3 unlike the competition has a real chance to become the first car in a household. It is even more expensive if you want to drive a larger vehicle like a mid-size SUV with electric drive. Audi E-Tron and Mercedes EQC or the soon following BMW iX3 are in real well over 70,000 euros. In addition, there is no 4,000 euro subsidy for the expensive models, which should not cause a purchase impulse anyway. As long as the electric charges are so high, the change is more difficult than difficult for many. Do not forget the aspect that automakers do not earn anything on an electric vehicle, or much less than a gas burner. This paralyzes the business from both sides.


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