electric classic Mini Beijing Estech Technology

A new electric car manufacturer has recently entered the Chinese market and is already resurrecting one of the most popular small cars ever, the Minit, in electric form, Carscoops reports.

Little is known about Beijing Estech Technology in Beijing, which is behind the project, but it is rumored that it is also financially supported by two other manufacturers, IAT Automobile Technology and Karlmann King. We’re also groping in the dark about a car featured in the company’s air-conditioned images in the local press, which is clearly the Minire’s hair, which produced more than five million copies in total between 1959 and 2000. The two-door city car, if not elsewhere, is certainly familiar to many from Mr. Bean:

As with the classic Mini, features such as round headlights, fog lights and a (presumably chrome) bumper are easy to see. The retro-bumped antenna is also hard to confuse with the other, as the headlights, like the headlights, have round-shaped exterior mirrors, chrome wipers and a small luggage compartment, as well as a classic fuel cap on the back, but this time probably hiding the electrical connector.

What may differ from the original design is its wheelbase, which promises to be longer to accommodate four passengers in the interior, despite the electric drive. Although most of the technical parameters have not yet been revealed, the portal knows that an electric motor will drive the front axle and the battery pack will be located inside the floor.

The most iconic small car can be counterfeited by the Chinese

Carscoops notes that this is not the first time an attempt has been made to clone the Mini in the past year, and that the beetle-impacting Volkswagen has been knocked down in two replicas.