Electricity and gas are brutally cheaper. People will save tens of thousands soon

Finally, one would say. The situation on the energy market not only became unbearable, it was already unbearable for many households. At the same time, it has been deteriorating since last autumn, when the so-called energy crisis began. If someone today has to pay market rates for electricity and gas, that is, they do not have the energy fixed from better times, they suddenly pay multiples of what they were used to.

People could no longer afford energy

Households are no exception, especially in family houses, which have to pay a hundred thousand crowns a year for gas alone, while previously they paid only thirty thousand. At the same time, they are in a similar situation with electricity, the prices of which have also increased many times over. Such a family suddenly has an extra hundred thousand expenses a year. And that’s a big deal for every normal person’s budget.

The state has long been considering how to help households. And he didn’t seem to be doing much. If prices hadn’t risen dramatically in recent weeks, they probably wouldn’t have resorted to it. But now there is nothing left, because people would simply not be able to pay for energy and would fall into a debt trap.

VAT simplification seemed to be the simplest measure, as was the case at the end of last year. That would mean that everyone would save twenty-one percent on electricity and gas prices. However, this would also apply to those who have prices fixed and who would thus save even more compared to the original state.

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In the end, another solution was chosen. According to the Ministry of Finance, the state will subsidize households with a certain basic consumption of electricity and gas. Basically, the first kilowatt-hours of electricity or cubic meters of gas he takes will be cheaper for everyone. It is not yet known how many there will be.

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How will it work

However, there has been talk in the past that this should be the amount that can be achieved if the household does not overheat or consume electricity. In short, basic consumption, which should push for savings. Everyone will know that they will receive a certain amount of energy very conveniently, but as soon as they exceed it, they will be alone and will have to pay the market price.

This assistance will be applied automatically and will apply to all households, ie not only those with their own gas source, but also those who have heat supplied remotely. The subsidy will be prepared so that it can start paying in the autumn at the latest, for at least one year.

Thanks to the state energy tariff, people will be able to save tens of thousands of crowns a year.

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