Electricity becomes more expensive from this Thursday for families in the regulated market

Electricity tariffs will rise as of this Thursday for domestic customers who remain in the regulated market, as a result of higher energy prices in wholesale markets.

According to the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE), this update of the energy tariff for consumers in the regulated market is 3%, in relation to the prices in force, in the total electricity bill (with VAT), which translates into an increase of around 1.05 euros in the average bill of a couple without children (with a contracted power of 3.45 kVA) and 2.86 euros for the consumption of a couple with two children (power of 6.9 kVA) .

In a statement, ERSE said that, given the 0.6% reduction in January, when the annual tariffs defined by the regulator enter into force, with this new update, the average annual tariff variation between 2021 and 2020 will be an increase of about 0.9%.

Also according to the energy sector regulator, this tariff review aims to adapt the energy tariff applied to customers in the regulated market to the evolution of wholesale market prices, which has been rising, preventing the creation of a “deviation to be recovered in subsequent years”.

This mechanism was applied for the first time in 2020, in the opposite downward direction.

The new energy tariff covers consumers in the regulated market, which correspond to around 5% of total consumption and 954 thousand customers, since most families already have a free market supplier.



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