The grades of the 2nd period will be sent by schools directly to students, reveals the Ministry of Education. “In view of the fact that students are unable to go to schools to consult the guidelines, the notes are being communicated directly to them, in order to safeguard the protection of personal data”.

Class councils, a meeting in which class teachers evaluate students, began this Monday, March 30, the first day of Easter vacation, as would happen under normal circumstances. What has changed is the form of the meetings, due to the confinement that teachers are subject to, just like each one of us.

The meetings are being held at a distance, bringing together as many teachers as possible, through the features available in the software that each school uses.
On-site teaching activities were suspended on March 16, with students, better or worse, depending on the circumstances, being assisted by teachers to send to guardians jobs to be done during the isolation period.

To support the network “in the use of distance learning methodologies”, the Directorate-General for Education, in collaboration with the National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education (ANQEP), launched a website on which it provides resources that allow schools continue teaching and learning processes ”.

Minister Tiago Brandão Rodrigues will communicate to the country, on April 9, how the 3rd period will be. But it is practically certain that the closure of schools will enter for the third period and will go “far beyond” what is already foreseen. That said, António, Costa, in Parliament, on March 24. “Probably, on April 9th ​​we will be deciding to prolong the closing of schools far beyond the Easter holidays”.

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