Elementary-junior high school children are prohibited from being given homework, do you agree?


The head of the Surabaya City Education Office, Yusuf Masruh, said that elementary and junior high school students in the city of Surabaya would no longer accept homework or homework PR from school. Do you agree with the plan?

Yusuf reasoned that this plan was intended to reduce the workload for students at home. The rest, students’ time at home can be diverted to other activities as character building, such as helping parents and reciting the Koran at the Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPA).

“So that children are not burdened at home, if parents can’t accompany them, it’s a hassle,” said Yusuf, quoted by detikJatim, Saturday (22/10/2022).

Furthermore, said Yusuf, teachers at schools can also focus on building student character in addition to academic activities. “In addition to character building, there is educational enrichment in learning, problem solving between friends is assisted by fellow teachers,” he explained.

The responses of parents of students in Surabaya varied in response to the Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) plan. A resident of Banyu Urip, Catur Irawan, agreed because according to him, a lot of time has been spent at school.

“Agreed, because full day keep giving PR, when is the break? For him, there is no relaxing. So assignments are completed at school. Homework continues every day (given),” said the father of this Pucang 5 Muhammadiyah Junior High School student.

In line with Chess, Desi, who is the parent of one of the students of SMPN 3 Surabaya, also expressed her agreement for her child to have time to rest at home. Moreover, if homework is replaced with character education activities for students.

“Agreed for character education, because my son full day, return home at 15.00 WIB. Character education is essential. If you are given homework, the time will be taken up again, so that you can rest at home. Yesterday there was no homework,” said the Manukan resident.

A different opinion was expressed by the mother of a 6th grade student of SDN Manukan Kulon, Anggraini. According to him, more children’s time at home is defined as the amount of time children play rather than study.

“Disappointed, because no full day. Elementary school children need homework to study at home because there is plenty of time. You can repeat the lessons learned at school, you can also spend more time at home,” said Anggraini.

Nana, a resident of Ngagel also expressed her disapproval. Because he thinks that homework can stimulate a child’s brain to think as long as the homework given is not heavy. Moreover, the age of the child who is familiar with gadgets or gadgets at home and is difficult to remove.

Furthermore, Nana compares capable and mediocre parents. Children whose parents are able can fill their children’s activities at home by taking lessons. This does not apply to children of mediocre parents.

“Well, if it’s a mediocre one, yes, the child should stay at home. After school, play with friends and hang Later miscommunication again, hot again his parents. I don’t agree,” he concluded.

Lecturer of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UM Surabaya Sri Lestari or Tari also argues, it is necessary to consider aspects that are used as indicators of giving homework. The reason, according to him, PR can be considered for learning.

“Whether or not it is necessary to provide homework, it should be the responsibility of the educator or teacher to determine. Because indeed homework can be used as a consideration for learning,” said Tari in a written statement.

Tari also added that there are times when face-to-face time is limited and the competency load that must be achieved is considered lacking, so homework can be a shortcut for teachers.

Homework can be considered important, said Tari, if the teacher’s evaluation results show PR proven to be able to increase the competence of students’ knowledge and skills. If the evaluation shows otherwise, then what needs to be considered is the type of task assigned.

The policy of the Surabaya City Government is still reaping the pros and cons from the parents of students. Do you agree that homework for students is removed? Share your views in the comments column.

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