Elianis Garrido falls in love with sensual hip movement when dancing to urban music

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One of the most beloved Colombian actresses not only in that country but throughout latin america it is without a doubt Elianis Garrido who has already returned to his normal rhythm of life after undergoing nose surgery for the third time.

Due to this, we already see her more active every time in her social networks and in the last hours, Elianis Garrido He has shared in several of his instagram stories some memories of beautiful and sensual choreographies that he has done throughout his life.

And it is that in addition to being an actress and presenter, the beautiful barranquillera she is also a dancer and also a lawyer, yes all this is Elianis GarridoDue to the above, today I remember the time he danced the remix of “Catalina”.

Elianis dancing Colombian urban genre

Without a doubt, one of the great passions of Elianis Garrido It is dance, because before being an actress and television presenter, she earned a living dancing and that is how she managed to pay for her university,

so the beautiful Elianis She dominates all musical genres and although she really likes to dance Arabic dance, her followers enjoy every time they see her dance Colombian urban genres.

In this video, although we don’t see her doing classic steps of a champetaJust seeing her move her waist in this sensual way is what makes us want to get up from where we are and also dance.

Although it has been a few months since he shared this video Elianisthe beautiful barranquillera He does not stop receiving beautiful comments where they praise his great rhythm.

Who is Elianis Garrido?

Nation on October 26 of 1985but it was in the year 2012 what Elianis Garrido He rose to fame thanks to his participation in the reality show “Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele” for the RCN network of Colombian television.

For 2015 the barranquillera had her first important role in soap operas, the soap opera projects for Elianis Garrido they went on and on; However, despite the fact that her participation in the aforementioned reality show catapulted her to fame, she also became one of the most difficult moments of his life.

And it is that the now actress told in an interview for “Don Francisco” that having been expelled from that project after suffering an anxiety attack and an episode of aggressiveness, same as he is not proud to remember ithe realized that he was one of the people most hated in your country; Fortunately this was in the past and she is now one of the most beloved actresses of Colombia.

It should be noted that in addition to being an actress, Elianis Garrido Before rising to fame, he worked as dancer and lawyerjust as you read it, this curvaceous woman from Barranquilla graduated from law degree in 2009 on the Autonomous Caribbean University of Barranquilla, Colombia.


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