Elīna Maligina: “I am finally ready to give a comprehensive comment on what is happening”

In her statement, Elīna Maligina emphasizes that there is no “no one” and “no one”. “I also have nothing to say about the ‘mess’ of the rumored company left by my late husband,” Maligina said.

“From now on, I categorically refuse to discuss issues and rumors concerning Olainfarm’s legacy case (including the person involved) in public on the local boulevard,” concludes Maligina.

It should be reminded that Ivars Kalviņš, the former chairman of the Olainfarm council, said: which are shares, they can’t make money that way, but I see an opportunity to take over this business. [“Olainfarm” padomes loceklis Mārtiņš Krieķis] The following scenario was also offered: the takeover of the youngest daughter ‘s property.

Maligina’s daughters no longer talk to each other

“Santa Barbara is pale, it’s much, much more serious …” says Signe Baldere-Sildedze, the ex-wife of the premature businessman Valery Maligin, assessing what is happening now that Valeria’s three daughters have become the legal heirs of the Maligin Empire.

Last week, the magazine “Kas Jauns” met with Signi Balder-Sildedze, Valery Maligin’s daughter Nick Savelyev and their legal representatives, who expressed their views on what is really happening at Olainfarm and why they have turned to law enforcement. And this is in stark contrast to what Irina Maligina has said in her statements and in an exclusive interview with “Kas Jauns” about the changes in the company on the council.

According to Nika and Signe, in their opinion, Irina Maligina has used the trust of the nurses and may have been accompanied by as yet unenlightened contenders who may be interested in “Olainfarm” and lawyers Rebenok and Greeks, who represented the largest shareholders of another pharmaceutical giant “Grindeks”. Kirov and Anna Lipmanus.

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Until recently, lawyers were also legal representatives of Valery Maligin’s widow Elina Maligina. They represented Elina on the issue of her inheritance. In this context, all parties to the case have entered into an agreement, which is not made public. Culinary talks about how much inheritance Elina should receive range from six to ten million euros.

On September 11, Baldere-Sildedze withdrew from the council, law enforcement agencies received complaints about possible raiding “Olainfarm”, and Nika Saveļjeva openly says what she thinks about what is happening: “It’s a sister’s betrayal!”

This morning it became known that Baldere-Sildedze and Saveļjeva demand to convene an extraordinary meeting of Olainfarm shareholders on the grounds of “preventing the consequences of unfair use of rights by third parties, which is an illegal restriction of the shareholder’s right to participate in the management of the company” “shows the request of Baldere-Sildedze and Saveļjeva to the board and council of” Olainfarm “.

The agenda of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting also includes a decision to file a claim against the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Olainfarm, Pavel Rebenok, his deputy, another heir of Maligin, eldest daughter Irina Maligin, a member of the Supervisory Board Mārtiņš Krieķis, Chairman of the Board Oļegs Gregorjevs.

According to the request, according to the notarial certificates drawn up by the notary, both Anna Emilija Maligina and Saveļjeva each inherit one third of Maligina’s estate and own 1 097 026 and 1 098 441 shares in Olainfarm respectively. Given that each holds at least 5% of the company’s share capital, the Board of Olainfarm is required to convene an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting.

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