Eline and Younes from ‘House Made’ can buy their own house thanks to crowdfunding: “We never expected this” | Instagram VTM NEWS

At the beginning of June, Eline and Younes saw their renovated house pass them by. The cheerful couple lost in the grand final of ‘House Made’ by Cedric and Anaïs. “The past two weeks have been very difficult for us. As if someone has died,” it sounds in a video message. But in the meantime, the couple can happily smile again and the crowdfunding that was set up for them is partly responsible for that. Thanks to the generous donations from viewing Flanders, the counter has already reached 30,640 euros.

“We never expected this,” said Eline and Younes. “Thanks to you we can buy a house.” Whether it will be the house in Beringen remains to be seen, “We don’t know the asking price yet, so we don’t know if it’s possible for us. But if it’s not the house in Beringen, then it’s a different house anyway. But also one with orange walls, tiles and Chinese cloths”, he continues with a laugh. To conclude, Younes and Eline would like to thank everyone. “Thank you for making this possible and giving us a better future.

The crowdfunding for Eline and Younes is also still active. If you would like to donate something yourself, you can do so here.

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