Elio Di Rupo, Minister-President of Wallonia, talks about the future of a region in which he believes, “we must bet on modernity!”

Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 10:59 p.m.

Some citizens do not understand anything about the Recovery Plan…

“I go to the field to explain the Recovery Plan. Explain, explain, explain…”

You should go door to door to explain it to the citizen to encourage better support…

“That’s what should be done… In reality, we’ve done our job, but it has to percolate in the kitchen of Madame and Monsieur and it’s not easy. Especially since some are on the networks (Instagram, Tik Tok…), others watch TV or read the newspapers…”

How to educate young people?

“You have to take the time to talk to young people. They like to learn and listen. Schools should not be afraid to open up to the economic world, to the experiences of businesses, the scientific world, culture, to allow interaction and arouse curiosity. The entrepreneurial spirit must be developed from secondary school onwards. »

Some are afraid that the company pollutes the school?

“It is nonsense. We have to talk about business innovation. Obviously, the bosses have profitability objectives, but there is a dynamic in society that must be integrated. »

Do young people also often look for a job?

“In 2021, we created 30,000 jobs and 12.6% more businesses. I hope that with the first tangible results of the Recovery Plan, there will be a ripple effect and that other players will join us. »

That’ll do ?

“I also want to increase the size of our 270,000 SMEs. On average, they have 7 people for every 10 in Flanders. I would like them to increase to 8 people. We also need to create new businesses. Finally, we have freed up a lot of resources for training centers (Biotech, new materials, etc.) and work-study training. The bosses need to hire more trainees too. Finally, we are developing the zero long-term unemployed zones. We refer a lot to what is done in France. Note that we want to help workers by also improving their mobility. We have increased the routes of our buses by 8.5 million kilometers of additional circuits and we will continue. »