Elisabeth Prize for SOZIALES goes to two institutions in Offenbach

Employees from JUZ Nordend and the media floor with young people at the award ceremony. (Photo: Private / City of Offenbach)

With the Elisabeth Prize for SOZIALES, the League of Independent Welfare Care in Hessen e. V. every year since 2017 clubs, organizations and people who are socially committed in a special way.

In 2021 the topic was “Involved – Heard – Seen? (Play) Rooms for Being Young and Growing Up ”for which the prizes were recently awarded. The prize money of 30,000 euros went to five projects in Rodgau, Kassel, Butzbach and two institutions in Offenbach.

The writing workshop of the Nordend youth center received awards for the “Corona diary”, which invited young people to document their realities in life and at the same time helped to process stressful experiences, as well as the media floor for their contactless TV format standby @ home. Normally produced by children and young people in the television studio of the Open Channel / Media Project Center Rhein-Main in Offenbach, the Yougendmagazin standby was created contactless due to the corona-related restrictions and still gave young people insights into the work of the children’s and youth parliament, actions in the KJK Sandgasse or gave tips on how to spend your free time during the Corona period. The award ceremony took place last Wednesday, November 17th, in Wiesbaden. Musically accompanied by the duo “Session NC”, consisting of singer Chaymaa Rafoud and Nana Ampadu on keyboard, from the youth culture office of the KJK Sandgasse.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a wide variety of analog and digital work with children and young people in the facilities for open child and youth work. When the youth centers had to close in mid-March 2020 and young people no longer had a place or contact person from the youth center, the idea arose to have the participants in the Juz Nordend writing workshop write down their thoughts, feelings, fears and experiences of the new everyday life in the corona in a diary . The young people not only gained their first journalistic experience, but were also able to create space for themselves with their texts, process what they had experienced better and stay in contact with each other in this way.

The media floor chose a similar way of staying in touch despite contact restrictions. For a number of years, a team of young people has been developing the monthly program “Standby – das Yougendmagazin” and presenting their own contributions on current topics relevant to young people. Because of the Corona restrictions, a contactless format was quickly developed, the standby @ home Yougendmagazin, for which the team regularly produced reports in accordance with corona.

The jury praised the fact that, despite Corona, both projects gave young people a voice in a special way, enabled a group experience and that everyone involved reacted flexibly and creatively to the challenges.

The prize money will be used to equip both facilities and will be used sustainably so that future young people can also benefit from it.

(Text: PM City Offenbach)