Posted on Friday January 12th, 2018 at 17:04 by Caroline Perrin Elise Lucet would have done well the investigation conducted by TV Star with his colleagues at France Télévisions. After confiding in C to you that she was receiving death threats after the broadcast of the disturbing numbers of Cash Investigation and that it was the subject of regular indicted and of defamation complaints , the 54-year-old journalist is now facing an investigation that denounces her not very convenient behavior within the television group. >>> Delphine Ernotte recounts the day she fired David Pujadas: “He was furious” And to believe the words that hold its leaders and colleagues of France Televisions, the professional circle of the journalist begins to not be able to support it any more: ” She made herself unbearable , explains one. She is unable to receive an order. Delphine Ernotte [president of France Televisions, ed], it’s just if it’s his boss. Especially since Elise Lucet would feel somewhat persecuted: ” She is out of control and sees people who want to knock her out everywhere while she is untouchable admits a leader . It’s the state in the state. But the state is all alone! ” Another funny detail: his salary. If at France Televisions, it is said capable of ” circulate the amount of gross wages of the box “- nice – the journalist is not left since it is not less than 25 000 € per month that Elise Lucet pocketing for its emissions. Would the money make it mean?

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