Elissa Mohamed Hamaki embarrasses these kisses and provokes his wife's jealousy with video

Elissa Mohamed Hamaki embarrasses these kisses and provokes his wife's jealousy with video

In the details, some activists traded on the media media a video of the second episode of the direct shows of “The Voice 4” where Hamaki appeared announcing the result of the vote in his team, which gathered Shaima Abdul Aziz and Hussein bin Haj and Ali Rashid. He began by saying that The Voice is just the beginning of who wins or who wins. Algerian public chose Ben Haj to qualify directly and the Egyptian star fell in confusion between Shaima and Ali, where he finally settled on Abdul Aziz to qualify for the penultimate episode.
Perhaps the most striking part of the video was the scene in which it appeared Lebanese star that has been exposed to strange dumps In the program and she accepts Hamaki from all her heart, which led to a lot of controversy among the pioneers who wondered whether it aroused the jealous or upset wife of the Egyptian star. This was considered by others as a spontaneous kiss expressed through the Queen of Sensation for her support and support to her colleague in this difficult situation.
On a different margin, Yousif Al Ansari won a team Dreams The highest percentage of the public vote, which enabled him to continue the program while Al Shamsi continued to support the contest Suha Masri, which chose to continue the program to get out of the competition.
In the Nejmeh team, which sparked a lot of controversy Her exaggeration and open dress . The competition between Khalid Hilmi and Rabia Al Hajjar and Hiba Malaki was held. Hilmi took part in the next episode by voting for the public and the owner of the song “Ya Mrayeti” was chosen to continue. For his part, signed Assi El Hellani In the confusion between Rita Kamelius and Ay Deganog, after the Kuwaiti contestant Yusuf Sultan qualified to vote for the public. Halani eventually chose a sign to complete his team’s competition.

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