Elizabeth Gillies, Victorius actress, strikes with her sensual Catwoman cosplay

Maybe you don’t know, but Elizabeth Gillies is officially part of the DC Comics universe Well, it will play Catwoman in the next animated adventure of the antiheroine. However, the universe is sometimes very strange and to show, the following: the actress of Victorius and Selina Kyle’s character had met long before.

Yes, Elizabeth Gillies did a daring Catwoman cosplay years before she knew it would be her new voice in Catwoman: Hunted. For the occasion (we assume it was a Halloween party), the actress chose the version of Catwoman that Michelle Pfeiffer played in the film Batman Returns 1992.

Image: @lizgillz (Instagram)

The now voice of Selina Kyle used that style of suit made by “pieces” and rustic joined by white thread, complemented with stilettos, metal claws on each finger and a deep red lipstick, in the style of Michelle Pfeiffer.

Image: @lizgillz (Instagram)

In fact, we could already hear what Elizabeth Gillies will sound like in the movie. Catwoman: Hunted Thank you to the last trailer shown at the DC Fandome last. Remember that it was also produced to look anime style and our feline thief will share credit with Batwoman.

Catwoman: Hunted It will premiere on February 18, 2022 and We have no doubt that Elizabeth Gillies cosplay will warm you up and prepare you for Selina Kyle’s epic adventure. As you see? Did you imagine that the actress of Victorius and Dinasty was such a fan of DC Comics?


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