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Elizabeth Warren: Democratic Democrat Has Plans for 2020 | International

The great lady of the American left has more than one plan. So far, nearly 20. Elizabeth Warren (Oklahoma, 1949), Massachusetts Senator and Democrat presidential candidate in 2020, sets herself apart from the myriad candidates of her own party for her far-reaching campaign: with proposals that redefine the economy; with a plan to fight against the opiate epidemic; a plan to impose a rate on what he calls "ultra-rich"; a plan to end Puerto Rico's debt; a plan to reduce the influence of large corporations in the Pentagon; a plan that guarantees access for all women to abortion; a plan to put an end to the debts that suffocate college students; a plan to promote green manufactures; a plan to ensure that any incumbent US president can be charged … His proposals are so many that they have become a slogan of the shirts sold on his website: "Warren has a plan for that."

The senator has no dreams. She has projects that result from the fact that she did not walk the straight path that led her from Oklahoma to her Senate seat. Warren did not know of the word eviction, of the fragility of the middle classes or indebtedness through a theoretical book of economics at Harvard, although he ended up being professor in those classrooms. The 69-year-old senator began forging her political consciousness after the death of her father when she was 12, with what that loss entailed in life-learning. From day to night, the Herring family – the surname Warren is from her first husband, whom she divorced decades ago – saw the bank stripping her of some precious possessions and her mother having to give up her role as a housewife to begin with working at the well-known Sears department store. At age 13, Warren worked as a waitress to help with the family economy and at age 19 left school to marry. Long before occupying the chair that was Ted Kennedy's for four decades in 2012, the senator had returned to college already a mother, to specialize in Harvard in a tedious matter that later became the backbone of her message.

Ten years ago, during a financial crisis such as had not been known since the 1930s, Warren became famous for his crushing interrogations of filthy bankers who had driven the country into the abyss of the Great Recession. The Harvard jurist, with combative rhetoric and old school progressivism, became the grand lady of the US left. But Warren opted not to compete with Hillary Clinton and let his partymate out in 2016 to be the first woman to run for the White House. After the brutal defeat of the former First Lady, Warren announced that, when the time came, she would aspire to be a candidate in 2020.

In what appears to be a frivolous campaign dedicated to seeing which Democrat candidate detests Donald Trump more, the senator has raised the tone of the speech by bringing in ideas that break down in depth, although they are ambitious and sometimes unconventional. For years Elizabeth Warren has been on the political scene and somehow, in ideological terms, was the most influential figure in a party that is still digesting the end of the Obama era and the disaster of Clinton's defeat.

Warren met in the late 1990s the only female White House candidate the United States had when it came to Washington to fight a bankruptcy law it said penalized families. While the then First Lady was eating a hamburger, Warren explained to Clinton why this law should not be passed. When Hillary finished eating, the first lady was convinced and sold Warren's argument to her husband, who withdrew support for the bill. The law died and Warren wrote down what would be his first political victory.

At age 13, she worked as a waitress to help with the family economy and at age 19 left school to get married

Today, with a speech with which moderate Americans of the left and right could identify themselves – Fox News's Tucker Carlson praised him – both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are better placed than she is in all researches. As for the media, they had to spend months campaigning and numerous announcements of economic and social policies on the part of Warren for Time magazine to dedicate his famous cover. Before, and with much less in their baggage, were kings of the media stratosphere candidates such as Beto O'Rourke and Pete Buttigieg.

None of this seems to matter to a woman who, according to the media, has enjoyed her "moment" this past week. Warren goes his way presenting a new plan every day. One is a clever strategy to advertise your campaign for free. The candidate makes selfies relentlessly with those who attend her rallies. The campaign encourages followers to post on social networks to create an expansive network of smiling faces alongside Warren. In May, it reached 20,000. An unquestionable success result of a plan.

During a financial crisis he gained fame by his fulminante interrogations of bankers filthy

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