Elizabeth Warren suffers regret in the state of Massachusetts

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The defeat will present Warren with new and immediate questions in deciding whether to continue his campaign. With 18 states having voted by Tuesday, Warren did not finish a win or top two yet. In the coming days, many people on the left will probably ask her to leave the race, hoping that her departure with Vermont Sanders, her progressive colleagues.

Democrat and Warren’s chief secretary said she was deserving of the time to decide on her own and that she should not be pushed from the race. But the reality is clear: She has no path.

“There is no way ahead of her,” said the best Democratic Tuesday night. “She is about to stay” in the race.

Warren’s poor performance in his home state showed a loss of support among his core groups: women, white voters in college and educators.

Joe Biden meets big wins on super Tuesday as Bernie Sanders looks at Texas and California

Warren only drew about 1 in 10 female voters in Massachusetts, according to opinion polls. It was so much less than the projected Biden winner, who was in charge of about a third of women, and Sanders with 3 out of 10.

Around 1 in 5 of the Massachusetts Democrats who have college education chose Warren for nomination – less than the 3 out of 10 who voted for Biden and 3 out of 10 for Sanders.

Finally, liberal voters, who could be divided between Warren and Sanders, went strongly for Sanders, about 2 out of 5, and Biden later, about 3 out of 10. Voting about 1 out of 10 freedom for Warren.

As in other states, Biden made a sized and older people than 65 in Massachusetts.

There were signs in late February that Warren could finish behind Sanders, but finally put it third.

There is a debate about who would benefit from the event that she may have. Her supporters are likely to outweigh Sanders’ progress, but large parts of her white base, mostly education and college, could go to Biden.

Warren did not make his intention public. On Tuesday night, her fundraising email campaign launched which required assistants to wait for a fuller picture of the results, which could show her that a large number of delegates were gathering.

Warren was very sensitive in the Bay Bay clear over the weekend, when Sanders woke down on his campaign efforts in the state and ran a Saturday rally which attracted more than 10,000 supporters to the Boston Common.

Warren was rarely in charge of Massachusetts polls during the campaign, except where the time was around by 2019 when she briefly came forward as the primary runner of the primary school.

As Super Mart emerged, Warren’s expectations in his home state became more acute. Sanders seemed to be ready with the second or second. When the results rolled into Tuesday night, the depth of her troubles became increasingly apparent: Not only was she trailing Sanders, but Biden was coming to impress them again.

When asked that she considered the domestic state at CNN’s town hall in Charleston, South Carolina, to be a “big victory” in late last month, Warren disappeared – and began to talk about his victory. in 2012, when unsuccessful Republican holder in the Seanad.

“I jumped in that race. I was down 17 points,” Warren said. “And this is amazing. I have never been in a previous office. I didn’t have any of these networks. People jumped in and said, if you accept it, I will help the part I can help. I will help you make phone calls, I will help you by introducing people to you and will help you through one of my meetings or one of my groups. “

Pressed to answer the question, Warren again offered the opportunity to reply directly.

“I am just grateful to those people,” she said, “always grateful.”

Sanders lost Massachusetts in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. In that cycle, he tried to take advantage of the progressive foundation of the state – at the time that Warren made energy. This time around, both of them were not only Biden.

This situation was updated with additional reporting.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny and Grace Sparks contributed to this report.



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