‘Ella’, Fanny Lu’s niece, debuts in the music industry

27 Jun 2021 – 2:00 p. m.

Singer Fanny Lu’s older niece inherited her aunt’s artistic genes.

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Her name is Manuela Egas Martínez, known as ´Ella´, a young interpreter from Bogotá, niece of the renowned singer Fanny Lu. From a very young age, she was motivated by the interpreter of I do not ask you for flowers, to prepare at the vocal level and enter the music industry.

Without a doubt, her main mirror and her reference point is her aunt, who has supported her at every step with techniques and advice to carry out her musical project, following her Latin influences and combined with her passion: music in English. Having studied in a bilingual school greatly influenced her decision to sing in that language.

In an interview, Fanny Lu’s niece said: “My aunt, apart from being my family, is my mentor, everything I do I send to her so that she can review it and give me constructive criticism and advice to be better. She has also supported me a lot with the issue of knowing how to handle pressure, she tells me how to control the pressure that I put on myself ”.

A toxic and distant relationship caused the 17-year-old artist to experience anxiety, stress and instability, symptoms of vertigo. However, that situation inspired her to write Vertigo, a single he wrote in just one hour. Although the young singer did not have much experience in love, she wanted to express her personal experience in a song.

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She is a number one fan of great artists such as Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, who also inspire her to continue growing day by day in the musical area.

Her – Vertigo (Official Video)