Ellie Lust on criticism of coronal song: take another pickle | Entertainment

The BNs who contributed to the song, which was released on Monday evening, were accused, among other things, that they wanted to take a hit from the corona crisis. “Everyone took part in the action free of charge. If you react like that, it doesn’t fit the positive intentions at all, ”says Ellie. “Take another pickle and go to sleep.”

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Also Remy Bonjasky, who can be heard on the song, regrets that Sun was renamed coronalied on social media and called for a boycott. “It makes no sense at all to have to type something like that in your attic,” said the former boxer. “It’s a really nice song.”

Singer Kenny B is happy that he was able to contribute to Zon. It is an ode to everyone in the Netherlands in this crisis. Kenny also thinks the people who don’t like the song. “Then they have something nice to talk about.”

Artists such as Jeroen van der Boom, Gordon, Edsilia Rombley, Patty Brard and Brainpower can also be heard on Zon. Any proceeds from the song will go to charity.


Jeroen van der Boom regrets that the action #zingcoronadewerelduit and the accompanying song Sun have received so much criticism in recent days. The singer, one of the hundred BN’s who can be heard in the song, announced on Monday in a video on Instagram that the intention of the song was misunderstood by some.

Sun, which was launched in Monday evening in Jinek, was previously renamed “coronalied” on social media. Angry twitterers said that they thought that people in BN could do something different in the corona crisis in a different way than singing a song that mainly attracts attention themselves.

although Jeroen he normally prefers not to interfere in such discussions if he wants to respond. “I read a lot of arguments and dissatisfaction with the song Zon. What they then call it “coronalied”. Well, coronal song, it never came to us like that, ”said the singer. It was produced by formulators and producers Han Kooreneef, Luc Weegels, Joost Jellema and Jeroen Rombouts of Music Mates asked to sing along to the song. “A very nice goal to support and support people.”

That the song, where also names like Edsilia Rombley, Gordon, Leontine Borsato, Yolanthe Cabau to be heard, Jeroen thinks that everyone does not receive an enthusiastic reception. “I notice it is being ridiculed by a few people and I think that’s a pity. Everyone is doing their best, everyone is trying to do their bit. And when you are asked to do something for someone else, you just do it. Not to kick your ass but to sing a song to empower people. ”



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