Ellie Lust reveals secret behind 17th wedding anniversary

Ellie and Boukje give each other the yes in 2005 and are still happy together. The television personality knows why. “Boukje is a world champion. I really think our secret, if that’s a secret, is that she lets me be who I am and I let her be who she is,” explains Ellie. The women have different personalities, but that doesn’t interfere with their relationship.

“I can now look forward to August 6 at the Pride. Boukje should not think about it. All those people together? That is something that has changed in her since she was ill (Boukje had breast cancer, ed.), she can handle it less. But she says: ‘Honey, have fun. I’ll see you again.'” Ellie continues: “Everything I do at work or with whomever I want to meet, Boukje is not jealous. If you want to have good and keep together, let the other be who he is.”

Ellie met Boukje when she was still in a relationship. She had bought a house with her ex and drawn up a cohabitation contract when Boukje came into Ellie’s life. “It wasn’t what I felt completely happy in anymore.” Boukje changed that. Something arose between the two women, so Ellie had to expose her buttocks at home with her ex. “I’ve been painfully honest, but that’s why we’re still very good.”

Nevertheless, there have been times during the past 17 years when Ellie develops feelings for another woman. In her own words, Boukje immediately realizes this and Ellie ‘rightly admits that it is so’. “Boukje is not jealous, because she is strong in her shoes, but also because she has full confidence that we are together.”

If something develops with another woman, it doesn’t have to mean the end of their relationship, according to Ellie. “You shouldn’t think it happens every week,” she clarifies. “But it can happen. And if it does, it won’t be the end of her and me.”

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