Elmer Charlaix denies that Sanabria worked at Capres, but his CV says otherwise

The former private secretary of former president Antonio Saca declared who in the administration of the former president received bonuses.

Despite the statements of Elmer Charlaix, former private secretary of former President Antonio Saca, that he never saw the current Press Secretary of the Presidency of the Nayib Bukele government at the Presidential House; In the resume published on the Transparency of the Executive website, it is detailed that Sanabria was a communication advisor to the Presidency of the Republic between 2004 and 2009.

The foregoing was also revealed in a tweet from the president of the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES), Angélica Cárcamo.

“Saca says that Sanabria did not work in the Presidency, that he had a salary on National Radio. His resume does not reflect his work in that government medium, “said Cárcamo, publishing the pages of the Government Transparency site where it is stated that Sanabria was prominent in the Presidency in the presidential administration of Saca.

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According to the data collected by the Executive’s website, it is noted that Sanabria has had years of experience working in the communications area of ​​the Presidency since 2000.

From that date until 2009, the year Saca’s presidential term ended, he was a presidential campaign advisor; but also between 2004 and 2009 he was a communication adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, which was precisely during the presidential period of Saca, but according to Charlaix he never saw him in the Presidential House.

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Deputy Rosa Romero, from ARENA, questioned Charlaix that in her statement of those who received bonuses, she only cited former officials now from the political opposition who were with Saca, not those who are still in government, such as Sanabria.