Elodie Gossuin East a very loving woman .
At the turn of a Interview Love granted to TV Star , the ex- miss France and former Miss Europe 2001 revealed that she was ready to do many things out of love. Living on the other side of the world with Bertrand Lacherie – her husband for 11 years – and their two pairs of twins (Jules and Rose, 10 years old, then Joséphine and Léonard, 4 years old)? ” Without hesitation “Change job, move or even adopt a child?” Obviously “Hide the body of a person that her husband would have unintentionally murdered?” It’s awful, but … yes “!

But where Elodie Gossuin proved that she was really willing to make a lot of sacrifices for her lover – to a concealment of homicide by, of course – it was when she revealed that she could also endure the adultery of the loved one. ” I think I could accept his infidelity because out of love, I could conceive of him not to lose him. My love for him is absolute “she assured.
On the other hand, it is not necessary to exaggerate either, Elodie Gossuin will never resort to the esthetic surgery on proposal of her husband and will not change of wardrobe for him. There are things you do not touch!
An interview to find in TV Star , on newsstands as of January 13, 2018.

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