Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Elodie Gossuin, the rumor of transsexuality: “I’m a woman and proud of it “

Elodie Gossuin do not keep a very good memory of his participation in Miss Universe 2001. At the time, the current President of the United States Donald Trump , who owned the beauty contest at the time, had tried to disqualify her because he thought she was transgender . A case on which miss France 2001 came back during its interview for TV Star .

The magazine questions her about what she would be able to do for love. When asked if she would be ready to change sex “, she responds with clumsiness and a certain ignorance of the subject:” According to Donald Trump, this has already been the case since he accuses me of being transsexual … But no, I am a woman and proud to be. ”
As a reminder, Donald Trump was the owner of Miss Universe at the time the Bertrand Lacherie’s wife competed. Elodie Gossuin had just been elected Miss France and Miss Europe. It was very enthusiastic that she had flown to Puerto Rico but the pretty blonde quickly disillusioned. A rumor that she was transgender ran. The organizers went so far as to ask for a gynecological examination, but she refused. ” I was barely 20 years old, I was really bad … “, she confided Parisian in 2008.
In 2016, she had already mentioned this painful period of her life in the former show of France 2 Amanda : ” It was at the time when Miss Universe was owned by Donald Trump, so I necessarily have a bad memory of the character. (…) The rumor started from the local newspaper, which was a partner of the election. And in fact, I still find myself Miss Houston Universe. So I do not know if it was to reward my motivation to stay despite the rumors or to re-buzz behind. Objectively, I do not know. And there was a little ceremony outside the election and [Donald Trump] said to me, ‘It’s great, because that kind of buzz serves us a lot.’ (…) I realized that a lot of things could be calculated and provoked, that we used people, things, facts, and that we could hurt just by interest. ”
Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. But Elodie Gossuin obviously did not forget this episode.
The complete interview of Elodie Gossuin is to be found in the magazine TV Star , in newsstands Monday, January 15, 2018.

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