Elon Musk could cancel the purchase of Twitter because of the bots

Bots could stop Twitter buying

continues the theme of Elon Musk y Twitter. After the South African tycoon launched a juicy and millionaire offer to acquire the social network, he is now pausing negotiations until the company proves that 95 percent of its users are real, where it is estimated that the remaining 5 percent are accounts fake or spam.

However, Musk affirms that this is completely false, assuming that the social network has 20 percent of bots, this has been based on an external analysis that the businessman has done, for which he has put the platform in suspension mode. twitter purchase.

Elon Musk used his Twitter account to express that his purchase offer of 44,000 million dollars is based on the figures that the company officially publishes before the SEC, and if these are not real, the negotiations cannot continue. He stated that it will not be possible to proceed until current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal presents evidence in his favor.

The company is urging its shareholders to back Musk’s bid to force the buyout as soon as possible, which is hovering around $38 a share, well below the $54.20 Elon originally agreed to pay.

If the purchase does not go through, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX will have to pay a rupture penalty of 1,000 million dollars to be paid by the party that withdraws from the agreement. We hope to have more news soon, in the next few days we will know how this novel called Musk against Twitter and bots ends.

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