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Elon Musk sells four homes in Los Angeles, Business Insider said. In early May, the businessman announced that he would not have his own home, as “property pulls [его] down”

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

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The founder of the space company SpaceX and Tesla CEO Ilon Musk is selling four homes in Los Angeles for $ 62.5 million, Business Insider reported.


According to the resource, Musk agreed to sell the house to the real estate developer Arya Chalon LLC, which is owned by businessman and designer Ardi Tavangarian.

“Arya Chalon LLC will combine the real estate portfolio into a new single project to make it truly unique,” ​​the developer said in a statement.

Musk had already sold one of his Los Angeles homes for $ 29 million, The Wall Street Journal reported in June.



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