We recently wrote that Hertz Global Holdings, one of the world’s oldest car rentals, is ordering 100,000 electric cars from Tesla.

These are Model 3 Tesla only, with delivery by the end of 2022. Nothing about the purchase price was given to the car rental company, which went bankrupt in May 2020 and only four months ago, but since the current price of the Model 3 is around $ 40,000, the deal could reach $ 4 billion. Calculated in HUF, this would be: HUF 1,260,396,000,000. When the deal was announced, the market value of Tesla and Musk’s net worth fired at rocket speed.

Musk’s wealth growth kicked in at $ 36.2 billion in 24 hours, Bloomberg writes. This is roughly HUF 11,275,056,000,000, which is not even easy to read. With that amount, Musk broke the $ 32 billion daily wealth growth record of Chinese businessman Zhong Shanshan, which he achieved in 2020 when his mineral water distributor business entered the stock market. Musk currently has $ 288.6 billion in assets, sweeping behind the market value of companies like Toyota, Exxon Mobil or Nike.

With as much money as Elon Musk earned in 24 hours, 27.5 billion cheeseburgers could be bought from it, but even that is pretty hard to imagine on a human scale. Let’s look at something else: 11,200 Bugatti Chirons would come out of it…