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Elon Musk gives a new hint to hosting Meme Review with PewDiePie | Dexerto.com

YouTuber-Giant Felix & # 39; PewDiePie & # 39; Kjellberg and Elon Musk have renewed the speculation on the billionaire engineer who houses Meme Review, after he had long remained silent.

PewDiePie had recently given the fans a serious look at Musk's appearance on the show, but it seems fans will not have to wait until "the next millennia" to see him as a "bonus meme."

It all seemed to come together for Musk to appear on the show after the exchange between the couple on January 27, but the fans have silently held the collective breath for weeks, until now.

Musk gave an incredibly cryptic message apologizing for his absence by announcing that he had returned, possibly in time to reassure the alarming expectation of the Internet audience.

"Sorry," Musk said. "I had an important mission in Norway. Now I am back. "

"Somewhat suspicious, but granted," answered PewDiePie.

The exchange between the two revived fans who finally wanted to leave the Tesla CEO in the show for the Musk meme to close the circle.

Although fans overwhelmingly accepted the possibility of Musk hosting the meme review, others were preparing for another disappointment in the saga, which was more upset than it had delivered.

Musk has talked to several creators about the possibility of attending PewDiePies Show, but Musk would be by far the biggest one to show up in his show.

Musk stood for a wealth of incredible feats with his many companies in the spotlight, but none would be celebrated by the Bro-Faust Army as his appearance in Pewds Show.


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