Elon Musk has surpassed 100 million followers on Twitter

the next owner of Twitter, Elon Muskturns 51 today, and as part of his “gifts” the tycoon has exceeded the figure of 100 millions of followers in said social network.

According to SocialBlade, Musk would have reached this figure sometime between June 26 and 27, earning more than 150,000 followers between the two days. In addition, the CEO of Tesla is the sixth person in the world to reach a number of followers nine digits.

This is important since, with the next purchase of Twitter for 44 thousand millions of dollars, Musk He would become the CEO of one of the most important social networks on the planet, of which he is an expert and which he uses on a daily basis, unlike other leaders of other platforms.

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However, something Musk fight a lot are fake accounts or, well, bots. But, of his 100 millions of followershow many will be fictitious accounts?

Looks like we won’t know until Elon Musk take the director’s chair, but maybe your numbers followers go down as well as that of the other 5 accounts that exceed 100 millionssuch as Barack Obama, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Bieber.

images via Twitter