Elon Musk launches Texas Institute of Technology & Science idea, gets its trending acronym with flood of puns and innuendos – RT USA News

An after-hours tweet from Elon Musk got Twitter talking about TITS … that is, the Texas Institute of Technology & Science, a new university proposed by the Tesla mogul and SpaceX with an eye on goods “Epic” and brand recognition.

“I am thinking of starting [a] new university: Texas Institute of Technology & Science ”, Musk tweeted in the early hours of Friday, adding that he would have “Epic merchandise” and be “Universally admired. “

You didn’t have to be an engineer to understand the acronym joke, but it did take an engineer account to underline it.

Even so, some well-meaning people in the responses didn’t get it, arguing that “Technological breakthroughs almost always follow scientific breakthroughs, not the other way around. “

“No, T is [definitely] premier, » Musk responded.

It also accompanied a joke referring to his infamous “Assured financing” tweet about Tesla’s privatization in 2018 – the very one that got him in trouble with US officials.

” Obviously, “ Musk responded.

The tweet caught the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who only responded with an emoji.

The response to Musk’s midnight reflections quickly contrasted with the announcement Thursday by fellow tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg to rename the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to “Meta.”

Philosopher Michael Millerman argued that the joke and the reaction to it revealed the true nature of the Internet.

Amid the merriment, however, one user pointed out that there is already a higher education institution named TITS: The Textile and Science Technology Institute, located in the Indian town of Bhiwani, west of New Delhi.

Musk moved from California to Texas in December 2020, and earlier this month announced that Tesla’s headquarters would also be moving from Silicon Valley to Austin. It remains to be seen whether his plan to give Texas a new higher education institution will flourish or remain at the level of a late-night social media joke. He’s certainly a laughing matter, as Tesla’s market cap has just passed $ 1,000 billion.

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