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Elon Musk logs in to Apple and says that the company "no longer envelops people's thoughts".

Elon Musk does not believe that Apple is the innovator that used to be once

In a lengthy interview with Recode, the billionaire tech mogul talked about his often controversial Twitter behavior, as 2018 was the "worst year of" [his] Career "as he considers Donald Trump's idea of" Space Force "to be" cool ", and Tesla's intense Model 3 manufacturing process.

Musk briefly touched his thoughts on Apple as he talked about which gadgets he believes have the biggest impact on consumers.

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In an in-depth interview, Elon Musk talked about his controversial Twitter behavior, Tesla's Model 3 manufacturing process, and where he sees SpaceX next

In a detailed interview, Elon Musk talked about his controversial Twitter behavior, the manufacturing process of Tesla Model 3, and where he sees SpaceX next

The CEO of Tesla admitted that he was an iPhone user and noted that "Apple makes great phones".

But they are not as impressive as before, Musk said.

"No, I still use an iPhone and everything, but Apple has really made products that would blow away people's heads.

& # 39; and [they] They still make great products, but there is less of that, "he added.

Consumers do not seem to line up for iPhones like other Apple releases, Musk said.

"There is less of that. I do not think people necessarily go to the store to buy the iPhone 11, "he said.

"But I think with Tesla we really want to make products that people just love and that inspire the heart."

He also supported Donald Trump's plan for the Space Force.

"Well, that may be a bit controversial, but I like the idea. I think it's cool, "Musk told Swisher.

"You know, as if the Air Force was formed, there was a lot like Pohohohle and like, 'Oh, how stupid to have an Air Force! "You know, because the plane was managed by the army during World War II."

The CEO of Tesla admitted that he was an iPhone user and noted that "Apple makes great phones". But they are not as impressive as before, Musk said in an interview with Kara Swisher of Recode

The CEO of Tesla admitted that he was an iPhone user and noted that "Apple makes great phones." But they are not as gorgeous as before, Musk said in an interview with Kara Swisher of Recode

Musk went on to offer honest details about his reputation on Twitter and mention some tweets that got him into trouble with the SEC.

He triggered a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission after claiming on the social media site that he was considering privately taking his electric car company for $ 420 a share.

Despite the lawsuit that led to a settlement forcing the company to force Musk and investors to communicate, Musk said he does not think much about Twitter.

"Well, I'm tweeting interesting stuff pretty much as they come to me, and probably with not much filters," Musk explained.

"I find it entertaining, I think," Oh, other people may find this entertaining. "Sometimes they do."

He added that he "spent much less time on Twitter than people think", calculating it about 10 to 15 minutes a day.

"Some people use their hair to express themselves. I use Twitter, "joked Musk.

In the interview, Musk admitted that some of Tesla's recent headaches may have something to do with him.

"Yes, there is no question, such as self-inflicted wounds," Musk said.


Last month, Musk attacked British diver Vern Unsworth, who denied the Tesla leader's efforts to support the 12 Boys' rescue mission as a "PR stunt" in a well-known CNN interview.

Musk, without giving a reason or explanation, referred Unsworth in a tweet painted since Sunday as "Pedo Guy". "Pedo" stands for pedophiles.

Unsworth told AFP that he had not fully reviewed the tweets and only heard from them.

When asked if he was going to take legal action against Musk over the allegation, Unsworth said, "If that's what I think, that's it."

Musk also denied the donation to a political action committee to help Republicans retain control of the house.

This was despite the fact that the Federal Election Commission had published annual reports this week in which Musk was ranked as one of the top 50 donors.

While Musk once described himself as "semi-democratically, semi-permanently", it seemed hypocritical to many that a green energy CEO donated nearly $ 40,000 to keep in power a political party that largely ignored or rejected the climate Change.

Despite the fact that publicly available FEC documents prove his contributions to the PAC, Musk tweeted on Saturday that "being a top GOP donor is categorically wrong."

"I'm not a political leader," he said.

In recent months, Musk has been involved in a series of games with the media.

He has chastised reporters for focusing on accidents of autonomous cars rather than on their security potential and accusing a news organization of being "relentlessly negative" towards Tesla.

Shares were hit hard in May after Musk abruptly cut back Wall Street analysts' questions about Tesla's spending plans.

In a profit call, he cursed the analysts for asking "boring" questions and bypassing questions about Tesla's massive capital requirements.

The billionaire called an industry analyst "boring bones" during the bizarre session, saying that someone else's questions were "so dry they would kill me."

Last month, he said Tesla had claimed "sabotage" from an employee who claimed to be a whistleblower.

The Tesla CEO wrote a detailed message to all employees that he had discovered someone who had deliberately worked to cause malicious harm in the ranks of the company.

"In fact, my brother said," See, if you inflict a self-injured wound, can not you turn the knife after that? You stabbed yourself in the leg. You do not really have to turn it in your leg. Why do that? "

"… is not intended. Sometimes you are under great pressure and you do not sleep much, you are under a lot of pressure and you make mistakes. "

Musk is said to have slept on the floors of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, at the height of the company's hurry to produce enough of its Model 3 sedans.

He says he managed to reduce his workload to 80 or 90 hours a week, rather than the 120 hours of work he had hired earlier.

"It was a very difficult year," Musk said, adding that the Model 3 manufacturing process was "extremely agonizing."

"It's incredibly difficult to survive as a car manufacturer. Incredibly hard. People have no idea how much pain Tesla has been through, including me.

Honestly, after five years this year felt like the worst year of my entire career. Insanely painful, "added Musk.

However, the situation for Musk and Tesla was up after the electric car maker posted surprisingly positive financial results in the final quarter.

The company made a profit in the third quarter at the end of last month, delivering 56,065 Type 3 models in North America, 225 more than previously thought.

Looking to the future, Musk believes Tesla can sustain Model 3 production rates.

"We are certainly overwhelmed with the production of model 3," said Musk. "For us, producing 5,000 cars a week for model 3 is no big deal. That's just normal.

"Now we're working to raise to 6,000 and then 7,000 Model 3 a week while we still have the cost under control."


From: Elon Musk

To: Everyone

Subj. 7000

July 1, 12:37 pm

We made it!! What an incredible job from a fantastic team. Could not be proud to work with you. It is a honor.

The commitment and creativity were amazing. We have either found a way or created completely new solutions with will and ingenuity that we thought impossible.

Intensive in tents. Transportation of complete production lines in huge cargo planes around the world. What ever. It worked.

Not only did we make over 5000 Type 3 models, we also achieved the S & X production target for a combined week with 7000 vehicles!

With the widespread productivity gains in Tesla and the new production lines, we are well on our way to achieving Model 3 6,000 next month.

I think we have just become a real car company …

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.



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