Elon Musk puts Twitter takeover ‘temporarily on hold’

Le PDG de Tesla Elon Musk put his Twitter takeover “temporarily on hold”, during a verification of the fact that 5% of the users of the platform would be fake accounts or dedicated to spam.

Elon Musk explains in the tweet (below), that “the Twitter agreement [est] temporarily on hiatus awaiting supporting details [le] calculation that fake/spam accounts indeed represent less than 5% of users. »

E.Musk had said that fixing the number of spam accounts and bots on Twitter would be one of his priorities, but he now seems to want to make sure that there are not too many of these non-monetizable accounts before sign.

The tweet is Elon Musk’s first public hesitation about buying Twitter and references data on May 2, released a week after his $44 billion bid was accepted, that explained less than 5% of daily monetizable users were fake accounts.

However, in a response to his own tweet, Elon Musk clarified that he is still “committed to the acquisition. »

Elon Musk isn’t saying the deal will be canceled if more than 5% of accounts turn out to be fake, but pausing it is already an act in stark contrast to his previous attitude (and that of Twitter) towards the ‘purchase.

Erwan Lafleuriel is editor-in-chief of IGN France. A slave to video games for 40 years, he only escapes from time to time to mourn his defeats on Twitter.